About Us

Murat Ucer and Atilla Yesilada have been collaborating to provide research about Turkish economy, politics and policy, including on selected topics such as banking, energy and regulatory issues to New York-based global research firm GlobalSource Partners (GSP). Istanbulanalytics is an information platform, where they display their products, musings and selected international news about the country.

GSP has been offering country research from more than 20 Emerging Markets through expert country advisors like us for more than 25 years, having built a diverse portfolio of clients from around the world and across the industries.

Our research reports include:

  • the flagship Quarterly where we provide one-year forecasts about key economic parameters and .events which might affect the political risk premium,
  • Monthlies where we provide a comprehensive assessment of the Turkish economy and politics,
  • Weeklies where we outline new developments in politics and analyze most important data,
  • Market and Special Briefs where we highlight fast-moving events or new trends which might have lasting impact on the economy or politics.

You can find samples of our research by clicking the links down below at the Home Page or writing to us at info@istanbulanalytics.com.

Our research is in-depth, impartial and analytical. Neither we, nor GSP is involved in trading, M&A advisory or other corporate finance activities, which avoids all perceptions of conflict of interest. All of our services are rendered on subscription basis hence we have no interest in inducing our readers to take any kind of action to generate fees for us. We don’t provide investment advice; hence we are not regulated by BRSA or Capital Markets Board and feel free to entertain negative or positive views of Turkey.
Our decades spent abroad in academia or working for international financial institutions and our constant contact with global clients thought us to translate even the most complex or parochial Turkish issues into an international context, which makes our research highly valuable and comprehensible.

We are both frequently interviewed or asked op-eds for the leading members of financial press such as FT, Bloomberg, WSJ or Reuters, which demonstrates the quality and widespread appeal of our work. You may review samples of our press appearances by clicking here.

We structure our research for the top decision-makers in the company, be the company a fund management, multinational, or a state agency monitoring Turkey for a variety of objectives.

We are proud to serve a very broad range of international and Turkish financial and non-financial corporates, where we achieved a 90% retention rate over a 5-year period. The loyalty of our clients is the proof that our research works and adds value to your decisions making process.

We are authorized to market our English language research directly to multinationals operating in Turkey at very cost effective rates.

We are also frequently asked to give visual presentations to companies, investors groups and trade associations about Turkish economy and politics at home and abroad. We can be retained together or separately and tailor our presentation according to the academic level and sophistication of our audience.

If you wish to learn about services and fees, please send an e-mail to us at info@istanbulanalytics.com