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Turkey and Black Sea Security: Ten Years After the War in Georgia

Source:Atllantic Council Date:09Aug2018

Turkey’s double act between Russia and NATO is warign thin.  Note the line:  Turkey, however, is at best a fellow traveler rather than an ally of Russia.     Erdogan has turned

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Turkey’s delusions of grandeur triggers currency panic

Source:PA Intelligence Date:07Aug2018

Investors wish to know whether Erdogan has abandoned his strange theories on interest rates, growth and inflation.  What makes Turkey so unique in terms of its persistence to pursue policies

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Syria’s Idlib emerges as Achilles heel in Russia-Turkey partnership

Source:al Monitor Date:31Jul2018

Best analysis of why at this juncture Turkey’s threat of  a deeper alliance with Russia against American  sanctions is not credible.   There are indications that the Syrian army will

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Turkey’s New Regime And Its Neoliberal Foundations

Source:Social Europe Date:27Jul2018

The economy is overheated; it’s no longer possible to sustain growth through credit pumping. It seems the Turkish economy is on verge of another crisis. Hence, once praised as a model to other

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‘Our bodies are Turkish, our souls Islamic!’ The rise of Turkey’s ultra-nationalists

Source:Middle East Eye Date:23Jul2018

They call themselves idealists. Turkey’s ultra-nationalists, who prefer the Turkish term Ulkucu, have been described in many ways: as hyper-modern politicians and as throwbacks, true

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Battle between Ipek and Ankara reaches new dimensions

Source:The Guardian Date:21Jul2018

Former owner of gold mining concer KOZA and IPEK Groups, Mr Hamdi  Ipek launched a suit at the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) in Washington

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The Next Balancing Act for President Erdogan

Source:Fair Obverver Date:14Jul2018

A good historical review of the Republican  tradition and Erdogan’s challenges:  Rebuilding  institutions and taming his nationalist ally MHP.   With few, if any, friends among

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How will Turkey trade with Iran with sanctions back and Halkbank on target?

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:11Jul2018

Ms Barcin Yinans answers a crucial quesiton clıuding the near horizon of the Turkish economy. The developments in US-Iran-Turkey triangle.  Note her words on Halkbank case.   Experts had

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Source:War on the rocks Date:30Jun2018

Excellent analysis by Aarıon Stein about the importance or the lack thereof  of the Manbij agreement between USA and Turkey. “Tactics without a strategy” comments  Stein, arguing that

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4 takeaways from Turkey’s elections

Source:European Council on Foreign Relations Date:27Jun2018

Despite Erdogan’s win, his ruling party, Justice and Development (AKP), has seen a decline in votes since the November 2015 elections ending at 42.5 percent, thereby making the Turkish president

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