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US national security adviser: Qatar and Turkey are new sponsors of radical ideology

Source:The National Date:13Dec2017

This article requires little comment.  Hear it from the highest USA source:   Turkey is a threat. The other model that Mr McMaster identified with the Brotherhood is Turkey’s AKP. “By operating

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With Daesh Defeated, Syrian Army Likely to Liberate Idlib and Damascus

Source:Sputnik News Date:07Dec2017

Sputnik reports that Assad intends to take back  Idlib Province, currently a de-escalation zone, as a compromise is likely to be reached with pro-PKK   PYD-YPG.  This plan preempts Ankara’s

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Turkey’s options in the Zarrab case

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:01Dec2017

Selin Nasi wrote  the best summary of the consequences of a guilty verdict  by Hakan Atilla trial jury.  For more comments on consequences, please click this link.

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Turkey’s Torrid Love Affair With Michael Flynn

Source:Politico Date:26Nov2017

An excellent review of Turkey’s interest in Gen Flynn and why it might further sour the bilateral relationship:   Rumors that Zarrab might plead guilty and cooperate with the

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Turkey’s foreign policy delusions

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:21Nov2017

“Lone wolf” columnist Ms Nuray Mert hits the bulls eye with this brief but very to-the-point  commentary on AKP’s diplomatic delusions.  “The more Turkish foreign policy

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Iran, Turkey have own plans for Iraq’s strategic Sinjar

Source:al Monitor Date:18Nov2017

ISIS is now gone from Iraq and Syria,  but peace is a distant dream. Regional actors have a myriad of issues to settle.  This article discusses the role Sinjar in Iraq, currently a stronghold of

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A Turkish-Iranian businessman may now be cooperating with investigators looking into Michael Flynn

Source:CNBC Date:17Nov2017

WOW!!!.  As far as Turko-American relations go, the title  of this article could be the bomb shell of the century.  The article claims:   The release of a well-connected Turkish-Iranian

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Muslims, money and democracy in Turkey

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:12Nov2017

AKP managed to expand Turkey’s middle class, as well as bringing in the formerly “disenfranchised” Islamists ot its center. Yet, contrary to accepted wisdom, a prosperous  and

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S-400 Dispute Highlights Ongoing Difficulties in Turkey’s Rapprochement With Russia

Source:The Jamestown Foundation Date:07Nov2017

Many experts argue that Turkey is turning its face away from the west.  This is certainly the intention, but  alternatives prove hard to find.  An imagined Sunni Arab-Turkish  alliance  fractured

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Analysts: Turkey May Pay Heavy Price for Iraqi Kurdish Leader’s Resignation

Source:Voice of America Date:31Oct2017

Be careful what you wish for is the subtitle  of this VoA article, which also quote me. Barzani is gone, but it is too early for Ankara to uncork that celebratory  champaign.  His replacement

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