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How will the Turkish-US visa crisis end?

Source:Daily SABAH Date:20Oct2017

White House officials expressed hope that the visa crisis with Turkey will be resolved soon, but this not   what the omnes say. First, I link an article by pro-AKP columnist Mr Burhanettin Duran,

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Turkey targets 30% hike in military spending next year


This article should be read with great interest by financial investors doing business in Turkey, who had so far paid no attention whatsoever  to the turmoil in Iraq and Syria.  In addition to the

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After visa crisis comes Reza Zarrab scandal

Source:Voice of America Date:14Oct2017

There  is hope, and believe me, no more than that, that the mutual visa ban between USA and Turkey will be lifted soon. With neither side budging from its position,  I don’t see how, but

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Turkey and the US face the end of a promising partnership

Source:Financial Times Date:13Oct2017

This op-ed by a former Assistant Secretary of State describes very accurately how the American establishment feels about Ankara. It is not 100% objective, because it ignores Ankara’s

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How to reset Turkey-Europe Relations

Source:European Council on Foreign Relations Date:05Oct2017

This op-ed by presidential advisor and spokesperson Mr. Ibrahim Kalin on how to reset EU-Turkey relations is sufficient proof that the rest will never happen, because Turkey fails to see the 

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In Turkey’s New Curriculum, Ataturk, Darwin and Jihad Get Face-Lifts

Source:New York Times Date:19Sep2017

I’ve resisted the temptation for long to post articles criticizing Turkey’s new school curriculum, but it seems to attract world-wide interest and very relevant in the light of OECD

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Turkey Fifteen Years After: The AKP regime’s power as context shaping

Source:The Turkey Analyst Date:17Sep2017

This excellent article explains how AKP’s true power lays in defining and shaping the national narrative. The party essentially decides what can and cannot be debated. Every topic of national

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Turkey’s new-found love for all things Ottoman

Source:Middle East Eye Date:16Sep2017

This article examines the re-resurgence of “Ottomanism” in Turkey, in all forms from TV    shows to potential  implications  for regional policy.  Sadyl, the author calls Kemalism a

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OECD’s education report on Turkey

Source:OECD Date:14Sep2017

Turkey is still last among OECD nations in educational achievement. Educational attainment is still low in Turkey: 43% of 25-64 year-olds have only achieved primary education as their highest

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The Kurdish referendum threatens to explode the region’s struggle over nationalism

Source:Middle East Eye Date:08Sep2017

A wise and in-depth analysis of the consequences of the Kurdish independence referendum. It will trigger repercussions in the entire troubled geography, but  the bigger problem is the unsettled

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