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Buffer zone in North-East Syria: What does it exactly mean?

Source:Ahval News Date:22Jan2019

An Erdogan-Trump phone exchange heralded the agreement on the establishment of a buffer zone at the Turkish border. This has helped markets and raised hopes in Turkey that economic relations,

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Perspectives | Turkey and Russia: The paradox of family resemblance

Source:Eurasianet Date:18Jan2019

At its core, Erdogan’s vision is built on the notion that the world is divided into distinct civilizations. And upon that foundation rise three pillars: 1) a just world order can only be a

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REVEALED: How Gulf states hatched plan with Israel to rehabilitate Assad

Source:Middle East Eye Date:13Jan2019

I consider MEE a reliable source, but this analysis is highly controversial. On the other hand, perusing through the commentary in Turkey’s pro-AKP press, I do see several references to

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Turkish ‘brain drain’: Why are defense industry officials ditching their jobs in Turkey for work abroad?

Source:Defense News Date:09Jan2019

After the NYT article claiming large number of white Turks migrating in fear of crack-down on basic liberties, the Presidential Palace  issued a denial, claiming net migration was much lower.

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Who is Fethullah Gulen? And why is the US talking about extraditing him to Turkey?

Source:RNS Religious News Date:05Jan2019

Even though US administration would not officially confirm it, an American delegation is in Turkey to investigate whether controversial Pastor Fethullah Gulen (Sunni) has been involved in the

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Spurning Erdogan’s Vision, Turks Leave in Droves, Draining Money and Talent

Source:New York Times Date:04Jan2019

How authoritarianism kills Turkey’s future: More than a quarter of a million Turks emigrated in 2017, according to the Turkish Institute of Statistics, an increase of 42 percent over 2016,

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Source:Jerusalem Post Date:30Dec2018

Confusion surrounds the city of Manbij, a critical crossing point coveted by Turkey and assad, currently controlled by SDF, or pro-PKK Kurdish PYD-YPG militia.   While Russian and Syrian accounts

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Source:Natural Gas World Date:24Dec2018

An in-depth study of Turkey-Iran relationship and its futre in light of US sanctions regime   While Turkey and Iran have long been geopolitical antagonists, the two countries have a history

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The Rise and Fall of Turkish Soft Power

Source:MDC Date:17Dec2018

A succint analysis of how Turkey went from the darling of West to bad  boy:   Nonetheless, Turkey’s period of experimentation with soft power was rather short lived, as was its appeal to

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Turkey: Elections, crisis and repression

Source:International Viewpoint Date:11Dec2018

This is thorough analysis of the Turkish political landscape post-24 June elections. Worth reading for the Turkey novice, as well as the pundit who wishes to experience a different viewpoint:

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