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Is Turkey Experiencing a New Nationalism?

Source:Center for American Progress Date:16Feb2018

An in-depth survey of Turkish attitudes towards national identity and national policy debates, a much needed addition to our analysis arsenal. A must read.   This mix of seemingly

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How Europe Lost Turkey

Source:Wall Street Journal Date:14Feb2018

The title says it all. EU was instrumental  in Erdogan’s unabashed power grab, and now  it is trying to appease him.   European leaders won’t alienate him anytime soon. German

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Reports: U.S. contemplating sanctions against Turkey

Source:PA Intelligence Date:12Feb2018

As erstwhile allies U.S. and Turkey engage in one-upmanship in Syria, several reports suggest the White House and Congress are contemplating political and economic sanctions against Turkey. There

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Will Washington slap sanctions on Turkey?

Source:PA Intelligence Date:03Feb2018

During the week two highly reputable Turkish journalists with strong ties to Washington policy circles claimed that there is an inconclusive debate in the White House and  the Congress about

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Reza Zarrab: Beautiful Mind II?

Source:PA Intelligence Date:30Jan2018

Turkish public and markets  have all but forgot about the Reza Zarrab-cum Hakan Atilla trial, which involves accusations of Turkish authorities helping rogue gold trade Zarrab evade Iran

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Erdogan to extend offensive to Manbij risking clash with US forces

Source:Middle East Eye Date:25Jan2018

While Ankara disputes this account of events, acording to White House, Trump warned Erdogan to stay away from Manbij. Where is Manbij?  Why is it important U.S. and how it could become the straw

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Turkey Wants to Crush U.S. Allies in Syria. That Shouldn’t Surprise Anybody.

Source:Foreign Policy Date:24Jan2018

A very balanced article on how mixed signals  from the White House  compelled Turkey to take military action in Syria.  Also shows the way forward.   Alos read the Guardian article  of how

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A Sea Change for Turkey in Europe

Source:Carnegie Europe Date:22Jan2018

Proliferating policy disagreemtns, led by Syria compelled Ankara to seek ways to mend its broken relationship with EU. While hig-levle state visits look good “optically”, former

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The next Kurdish war is on the horizon

Source:The Independent Date:19Jan2018

The consummate Middle East expert  Robert Fisk has divined the future. The Syrian War will last another 10 years:  Syria cannot countenance Kurdish presence on its territory and Turkey cannot

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Everything you need to know about Canal Istanbul

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:17Jan2018

Erdogan’s crazy project of digging a trench across Istanbul peninsula as an alternative to  Bosphours Straits is now a reality. Excavation will commence in 2018.   Context and

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