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Turkey: Is Erdogan’s “Magic Spell” Beginning to Pale?

Source:Gatestone Institute Date:24Apr2018

Research conducted in March by 50 teachers from the Imam Hatip schools revealed that students are moving away from Islam. “[Mosques] no longer serve people, but rather serve as a source of

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Breaking the Turkey–U.S. deadlock in Syria

Source:Brookings Date:21Apr2018

Excellent analysis of Turkey-US mutual Syrian dilemma:  finding a modus vivendi between Turkey and the United States on Manbij is unlikely to be detached from finding some form of mutual

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Why so many Turks are losing faith in Islam

Source:al Monitor Date:18Apr2018

Erdogan’s social engineering project of Islamizing the society is backfiring.  Turkish youth is turning away from religon, “precisely because Islamists are empowered, and, by their

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Turkey’s Transactional Engagement With Russia

Source:Atlantic Council Date:14Apr2018

An excellent analysis  of the Turko-Russian cooperation in Syria. Note the concluding remarks:  The question, then, is what happens after the US-led strikes in Syria end? The roots of the

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Turkey squeezed as US-Russia tensions rise in Syria

Source:al Monitor Date:12Apr2018

Amberin Zaman highlights the topic on which investors will increasingly focus in the coming days: How will the shift in geo-political tensions from US-China to US-Russia axis affect

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Erdoğan, Akşener neck-and-neck in PIAR poll – report

Source:Ahval News Date:07Apr2018

First Turkish poll comparing alliances.  Results are discouring for Erdogan and AKP-MHP.   Erdoğan would win 41.9 percent of the vote in the second and deciding round of the election should

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The Iraq Report: Turkey threatens to invade Iraq

Source:The New Arab Date:31Mar2018

This report explains Turkey-Baghdat relations,  PKK’s recent moves, Iraiq Kurds and the War on ISIS.  Very good background and analysis:   Although Turkish-Iraqi relations have

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US spending bill drops Turkey sanctions

Source:al Monitor Date:23Mar2018

Turkey averted political sanctions by Congress in the last second, but the threat is not over, reports Amberin Zaman of al Monitor.   “Tough love” prescribes Asli Aydintasbas

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Farewell, Freedom

Source:PA Intelligence Date:22Mar2018

The story of Aydin Dogan’s   capitulation to Erdogan and  the future of press freedom in Turkey.   Dogan’s flagship daily Hurriyet (Freedom in English), is an iconic name in Turkish

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The U.S. Alliance With Turkey Is Worth Preserving

Source:Foreign Policy Date:21Mar2018

Some in the United States see any accommodation of Turkish concerns regarding the Syrian Kurds as a betrayal of a partner that proved doughty in the fight against the Islamic State. Yet the

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