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Erdogan and the Wisdom of Timely Exit

Source:Gatestone Institute Date:15Jul2019

We have seen many articles prophecizing Erdogan’s demise, but this tops it all:   Good or bad, the once-successful Erdogan recipe seems not to be working anymore. The bashkhan has read

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Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals declines to uphold aggravated life imprisonment of journalists

Source:Stockholm Center for Freedom Date:06Jul2019

This is a landmark verdict by High Court of Appeals re free press   The 16th Criminal Department of Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals has declined to uphold the aggravated life sentences

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In Turkey, demography is a brake on Islamisation

Source:the Economist Date:02Jul2019

The Economist article verifes numerous research on declicing  religiousity in Turkey. It also explains why AKP’s share of the youth vote may have dropped to as low as 20%.   Efforts to

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What happened at Trump-Erdogan summit


The focus of the Trump-Erdogan summit was Turkey’s purchase of S-400 anti-missile weapons from Russia.  Despite statements  sympthetic to Erdogan and supportive of the Turko-American

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Is Trump Really Headed to War With Iran? Here is What Experts Think

Source:National Interest Date:26Jun2019

Comprehensive commentary on US-Iran conflict.  Consensus among panelists:  Expet further escalation.     This problem is made more dangerous because America’s interests and red lines

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Erdogan faces a choice — and Turkey’s democracy is at stake

Source:Washington Post Date:21Jun2019

As usual, Asli Aydintasbas puts the nail on the head with this insighfull op-ed on  Erdogan’s choices vis-a-vis Istanbul elections and S-400 crisis. Her analysis of Turkey’s future

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Turkey and the new scramble for Africa: Ottoman designs or unfounded fears?

Source:Brookings blog Date:14Jun2019

What are the objectives of Turkey’s Afrian outreach?  This article argues even Erdogan may not be sure of the answer:   A right-sized assessment of Turkish ambitions and its influence

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Binali Yıldırım’s gamble

Source:JamesinTurkey Date:11Jun2019

Actually, this article covers everything you need to know about Istanbul elections   On Monday afternoon representatives from Turkey’s two main political parties announced a rare consensus:

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Can Turkey correct human rights record with new justice reform strategy?

Source:al Monitor Date:08Jun2019

To me, Erdogan’s new Judicial Reform Strategy is a hope of light in a country marred by gross abuses of due process and law and order since the 2016 coup attemtp. I’ve tried to find a

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Two excellent articles on Turkey’s future

Source:European Council on Foreign Relations Date:04Jun2019

We’ve been wondering for a long time whether Turkey is capable of change.   Two recent articles shed light on the question.   The first is by Council on Foreign Relations:  

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