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Reality is warped in Turkey. We may never get it back

Source:The Guardian Date:22Jul2017

All I can say about this op-ed by Ms Ece Temelkuran is “exactly my opinion”.  The machine is broken and it may never be repaired.

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Turkey’s PKK Conflict Kills almost 3,000 in Two Years

Source:International Crisis Group Date:21Jul2017

International Crisis Group  just published an update on PKK terror in Turkey.  Its grim conclusions must be read carefully. The “Kurdish problem”, now encompassing Syria will not go

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Heads UP: AKP to start crackdown against CHP

Source:Daily SABAH Date:18Jul2017

This article in SABAH Daily, a pro-AKP newspaper accuses CHP leader Kilicdaroglu of being a Gulenist sympathizer   and attempting to bring Erdogan “down”.    There are numerous

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‘Justice March’ spawns unique coalition in Turkey

Source:al Monitor Date:15Jul2017

Opposition leader K. Kilicdaroglu’s  “justice march” certainly galvanized the anti-Erdogan front, but  can he maintain the energy until the next elections?  This article

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Gulen is facing extradition by Trump – so he should read up about his country

Source:The Independent Date:13Jul2017

This book review by Robert Fisk explains the fascinating juxtaposition of Fethullah Gulen, ISIS and PKK in Turkey. A must read for those who want to understand why AKP has so badly failed  the

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Turkey One Year After the Failed Coup

Source:Carnegie Europe Date:11Jul2017

Experienced diplomat Marc Pierini’s assessment of Turkey one year after the coup is damning but realistic:  Democracy is dead and AKP has created a bigger crisis than the coup itself.  Can

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What Comes After ISIS?

Source:Yahoo! Date:11Jul2017

The answer to this question is vital to Turkey, which is facing existential threats to  her unity and stability from regional actors like Assad, PYD-YPG and Shia militia. The experts don’t

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Insights into Turkish Domestic and International Politics

Source:STRATFOR Date:07Jul2017

A detailed summary of main  political and economic issues about Turkey by STRATFOR. A must read for Turkey beginners.

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Qatar becoming another diplomatic debacle for Turkey

Source:al Monitor Date:06Jul2017

I’ve  predicted from the day President Erdogan jumped head first into the Qatari Crisis that there is no winning scenario for Turkey. This article by reputable Turkish journalist Mr Semiz

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Turkey, Kurds may be headed towards full-blown conflict in Afrin

Source:Rudaw Date:02Jul2017

Turkey’s military involvement in Syria is not done.  This summer may witness new incursions in Idlip and Kurdish Afrin, which would turn Syria into Turkey’s  Vietnam.

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