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Who is Fethullah Gulen? And why is the US talking about extraditing him to Turkey?

Source:RNS Religious News Date:05Jan2019

Even though US administration would not officially confirm it, an American delegation is in Turkey to investigate whether controversial Pastor Fethullah Gulen (Sunni) has been involved in the

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Spurning Erdogan’s Vision, Turks Leave in Droves, Draining Money and Talent

Source:New York Times Date:04Jan2019

How authoritarianism kills Turkey’s future: More than a quarter of a million Turks emigrated in 2017, according to the Turkish Institute of Statistics, an increase of 42 percent over 2016,

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Source:Jerusalem Post Date:30Dec2018

Confusion surrounds the city of Manbij, a critical crossing point coveted by Turkey and assad, currently controlled by SDF, or pro-PKK Kurdish PYD-YPG militia.   While Russian and Syrian accounts

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Source:Natural Gas World Date:24Dec2018

An in-depth study of Turkey-Iran relationship and its futre in light of US sanctions regime   While Turkey and Iran have long been geopolitical antagonists, the two countries have a history

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The Rise and Fall of Turkish Soft Power

Source:MDC Date:17Dec2018

A succint analysis of how Turkey went from the darling of West to bad  boy:   Nonetheless, Turkey’s period of experimentation with soft power was rather short lived, as was its appeal to

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Turkey: Elections, crisis and repression

Source:International Viewpoint Date:11Dec2018

This is thorough analysis of the Turkish political landscape post-24 June elections. Worth reading for the Turkey novice, as well as the pundit who wishes to experience a different viewpoint:

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As US turns on Astana, Turkey looks east of the Euphrates

Source:Middle East Eye Date:09Dec2018

The Turkish government is holding separate talks on Syria with both the US and Russian governments amid concerns that it is losing diplomatic leverage as the security situation deteriorates in

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In the Middle East, Russia is back

Source:Washington Post Date:05Dec2018

Among the presidents, prime ministers, kings and princes who have traveled to Moscow over the past year to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin are some of the United States’ closest

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Push for Syria Solution May Hasten Iranian Forces’ Exit

Source:Haaretz Date:24Nov2018

To free itself of these shackles, Iran hopes Russia will be able to accelerate the peace process in Syria. This would enable Iran to withdraw its forces from the position of a partner to the

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Turkish Policy in Syria: Divining Intent and Options for the United States

Source:Atlantic Council Date:17Nov2018

Aaron Stein nails it on the head:  Without a Turkish-PKK ceasefire, the threat of a broader conflict in Syria will remain. It is in the United States’ longer-term interest to mitigate future

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