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An opportunity for U.S.-Turkey relations?

Source:Ahval News Date:30Oct2018

A d,fferent angle on the repercussions of Kashoggi murder. It could lead to better relations between Turkey and US, says Kyle Orton of Ahval News.   For Turkey, comparisons with Saudi Arabia

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The Breakneck Islamization of Turkey’s Education System

Source:Gatestone Institute Date:28Oct2018

All the same, the number of “imam hatip” schools has climbed from 450 in 2002 to 4,112 in 2017. Meanwhile, there are only 302 specialized science high schools in the country. Imam

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The Sanctioned States: Economic Crises in Iran and Turkey

Source:The Moshe Dayan Center Date:25Oct2018

A fresh perspective on  Iran and Turkey:  The Trumpian damage Turkey is better placed to get out of the crisis than Iran. The crisis over US sanctions could be easily resolved and Turkey has some

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ANALYSIS: Will US grant waivers to Turkey for Iran sanctions?

Source:PA Intelligence Date:20Oct2018

After Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hinted that some sanctions  on Turkey will be lifted, the focus of the Turko-American tension shifted  to the most immediate dispute, namely compliance with

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The Global Competitiveness Report 2018

Source:World Economic Forum Date:17Oct2018

Makes sobering reading for  Developing Economies in particular for Turkey, which incidentally slipped three places in the rankings.   This is paragraph I liked best:  Weak institutions

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How can Turkey survive US sanctions on Iran?

Source:al Monitor Date:15Oct2018

Best review of the impact of Iran sanctions on Turkey   Whether Turkey will again try to evade sanctions and if that is possible under the careful watch of the agencies will also depend on

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What’s behind Erdoğan’s apparent support for the liberal international order?

Source:Brookings Papers Date:10Oct2018

The article doesn’t serve justice to its title, but answers many relevant questions such as the reasons for Turkey’s economic decline and its attempts to shift trade and investment to

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The intentions behind Turkey’s use of ‘mosque diplomacy’

Source:Arab News Date:07Oct2018

A state-sponsored strategy to establish mosques in a number of countries, from Cuba to China, has emerged as a soft-power instrument for Turkey, one that aims to create a unified Turkish

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Helping Turkey Find Its Way Back to the West

Source:Bloomberg Date:05Oct2018

Eminently sensible policy suggestions from a retired general: Losing Turkey from the trans-Atlantic world would be a geopolitical mistake of near epic proportions. Yet the U.S. and its European

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Can Erdogan’s New Powers Help Fix Turkey’s Economy?

Source:The National Interest Date:30Sep2018

A very insightful analysis of how Erdogan’s new powers interact with Turkey’s  economic crisis by Nader Habibi.

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