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Worsening Budget Puts Turkey Treasury on Borrowing Spree: Charts

Source:Bloomberg Date:09May2017

I laugh when investment banking reports still claim that fiscal anchor is the pillar of Turkish stability.  It isn’t. The Ministry of Finance continues to spend even after the so-called

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Turkey plans to let banks securitise loans to spur growth

Source:Gulf News Date:08May2017

It is amazing how ill-informed financial media can be at times. This article heralds securitization of Turkish bank loans as a “new thing”, which has been going on for 10 years. Neither is it a

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Trump to Tell Turkey: We’re Going to Take Raqqa With the Kurds

Source:Foreign Policy blog Date:06May2017

Ahead of the very critical Trump-Erdogan summit, this is probably the most talked-about article in the Turkish social media.   It provides answers to whether Turkey will play a role in the

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What Will Erdogan Do With Supreme Power?

Source:Eurasia review Date:29Apr2017

Turkey observers want to know how Erdogan would reshape Turkey after he was granted Sultan-like Powers. This article falls short of the promise but still provides important clues to his potential

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Turkey: Neither Enemy Nor Ally

Source:Commentary Magazine Date:28Apr2017

Turkey’s raids on PKK and YPG outposts in Iraq and Syria, which in our view are defensive and legitimate, are causing new rifts with U.S. and Russia.  Some claim Ankara is using these raids to

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Lawmakers say Flynn did not disclose lobbying and payments from Turkey and Russia

Source:LA Times Date:26Apr2017

This is the story that is making opposition headlines in Turkey. According to opposition websites, former National Security Advisor Flynn received cash from Turkish lobbying entities, which were

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In the AKP community, the “secret pro-NO people” scuffle continues

Source:Washington Hattı Date:24Apr2017

The close vote in Turkey’s referendum triggered large dormant faultlines within AKP.  The official party line is “a win is win”, but the punditry recognizes the power is gradually slipping away

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What Turkey’s Election Observers Saw

Source:The Atlantic Date:22Apr2017

Almost week has passed, but allegations of irregularities surrounding Turkey’s historical referendum have not been resolved. The ruling by the High Election Council to deny the request by CHP and

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RIP Turkey, 1921 – 2017

Source:Foreign Policy blog Date:17Apr2017

The Western reaction to Erdogan referendum victory is generally negative. The press instinctively comprehends and I agree that entrusting all the power of the state to a single office or person

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How Erdogan’s Referendum Gamble Might Backfire

Source:Der Spiegel Date:11Apr2017

This Spiegel article, though I find it biased and certainly misinformed about the polls (they show a very close race) is worth adding to our website, because it tells a very realistic story of

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