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‘Inconsistent, unpredictable’ Turkey is caught between US and Russia in Syria

Source:Irish News Date:10Apr2017

Turkey’s biggest diplomatic problem is that it lacks principals. Ankara swaps dance partners, whenever the music changes.  Since the arrival of Prof Davutoglu on the political scene as foreign

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Turkey’s Erdogan slams Europe, as latest poll suggests support rising

Source:Reuter's Date:07Apr2017

Massive confusion about the referendum outcome   and its impact on EU:  The Reuters article linked in this review suggests support for the YES camp is rising, but my poll-of-polls table shows no

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Turkish Banks Are Taking Losses on Mortgages After Rate Pressure

Source:Bloomberg Date:06Apr2017

We have long argued that Turkish banks are under strong pressure to lend at low margins and the current growth model based on cheap credit is unsustainable. A recent article at Bloomberg finds

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EM Debt Lures Income Hunters

Source:Barron's Date:01Apr2017

This is a sample of the kind of article that actually scares me very much, being a contrarian. It is representative of my Google search on EM articles nowadays. The financial press can’t say

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Trouble in Paradise


Our close friend and an excellent equity analyst Mr. Ercan Uysal wrote a piece on Turkish debt problem in my English language website PA Intelligence. The preface says: Turkish corporate profits

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Turkey-US seek new ground in ISIL fight


The United States wants to ramp up joint efforts with Turkey to destroy the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Iraq and Syria, but expects Ankara to be part of integrated efforts with

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Turkey’s Erdogan struggles to realise his Middle East ambitions


The offensive into Jarablus in August was ostensibly to fight Isis but also to push back the Syrian Kurds, whom Ankara considers an extension of outlawed Turkish Kurdish groups, from the border

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