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What Russia and Turkey Really Want in Syria

Source:Haaretz Date:26Sep2018

The two countries, with Turkey, the U.S. and Iran in the mix, have carefully tip-toed around one another for years in order to avoid this very situation. But, as the war winds down each of the

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The Myth of Authoritarian Competence

Source:the Atlantic Date:25Sep2018

An in-depth study of one-man regimes and how Turkey’s brought economic and democratic ruin:   For nearly six months, one of the world’s top economies has been gripped by crisis,

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Report to Congress on U.S.-Turkey Relations

Source:USNI Service Date:21Sep2018

Great background material about Turko-American relationship and Turkish foreign policy objectives at large.

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When strongmen fight: The US and Turkey need diplomats to resolve their leaders’ dispute

Source:Brookings Papers Date:19Sep2018

Very interesting comparison between Trump and Erdogan:  Disagreement over a jailed pastor has devolved into a personal fight between two strongmen, adding significant strain to relations between

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Round One of Idlib Campaign May Target Turkish-Backed Rebels

Source:Washington Institute Date:12Sep2018

Excellent review of balance of forces in Idlib and assad strategy.   If and when a second round is launched against HTS in northern Idlib, it could be a different order of magnitude. Moscow,

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Kurds crucial to Turkey-US cooperation in Syria

Source:Arab News Date:10Sep2018

Despite these legitimate worries, Turkey has to understand that the Kurdish cause will evolve steadily, even if it disturbs Ankara.   The emergence of a Kurdish entity in the north of Syria

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U.S.-Turkey relations: from meltdown to low simmer

Source:Ahval News Date:08Sep2018

A very important commentary from a veteran journalist:  White House  might be switching to a more patient approach towards Turkey:  For the moment, the heat is not melting down the saucepan, nor

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The Myth of Erdogan’s Power

Source:Foreign Policy Date:01Sep2018

Note the key take-away:  Key figures among Ankara’s elite, on whom Erdogan depends to exercise power, represent a political tradition that is deeply hostile to Moscow. These right-wing Turkish

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Turkey might not like the West, but needs it

Source:Brookings Papers Date:31Aug2018

Bravo to Mr Metin  Kirisci:   For Turkey, the stark reality is that to get out of its economic rut, it must cooperate with the EU. The EU buys more than half of Turkey exports and owns more

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Russia’s Use of Media and Information Operations in Turkey

Source:Rand Corporation Date:30Aug2018

Russian media have sought to undermine Turkey’s political and security cooperation with the United States and Europe by exacerbating mutual skepticism and highlighting policy differences.

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