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As Erdogan turns from the West, he sabotages Turkey’s progress

Source:The Daily Star Date:09Mar2019

While I  dsiagree on YPG-PYD being innocent of  terrorism, President Erdogan’s  deep suspicion of the West did inded stall Turkey’s once steallar economic and social progress.  

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Erdogan Tries to Ease the Pain of Turkey’s Bad Economy. It’s Still Hurting.

Source:New York Times Date:06Mar2019

After long unbroken growth, Turkey is entering a recession amid falling investor confidence and a credit crisis. Bankruptcies have increased. Unemployment and inflation have hit double digits.

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Erdogan blasts former friends as traitors while word of new rival spreads

Source:al Monitor Date:04Mar2019

Indeed, Turkish press is giving more space to rumors of a new party by erstwhile allies of Erdogan, as this excellent article by Mrs Amberin Zaman explains.   The challengers  may be waiting for

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Controversial judicial decisions cause Turkey’s biggest problem to resurface

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:23Feb2019

No justice, no development!   Last week Turkey witnessed two important judicial decisions. The first one was about an appeals court’s rule that upheld the convictions of journalists and

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Islamophobia and the new clash of civilisations

Source:Financial Times Date:20Feb2019

Martin Wolf argues, quite correctly in my view, that a Clash of Civilizations is underway It is now getting on for 20 years since the attacks on New York and Washington of September 11 2001, and

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Turkey’s Erdogan Is Due for Another Rebuke

Source:Foreign Policy in Focus Date:16Feb2019

I can’t tell you how municipal elections will turn out, because there are very few polls. It seems to me, AKP is censoring them. But, this article explains very succintly my theory of how

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Mysterious Turkish Firm Helped Maduro Move $900 Million in Gold

Source:Bloomberg Date:09Feb2019

While the article does solid investigative workto uncover the Turkey-Venezuela gold trade, it is actually about the trobuled Turkey-US relationship and whether it cna be improved.    

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Turkey’s ruling party turns to economic ‘tricks’ as polls loom

Source:Financial Times Date:08Feb2019

“Traditional means of doling out the pork are out,” said Atilla Yesilada, an Istanbul-based analyst at the consultancy GlobalSource partners. “Instead we see tricks.” Those tricks have ranged

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Challenges for AK Party to overcome in March elections

Source:Daily Sabah Date:02Feb2019

We can say that three groups need to be “persuaded” for the upcoming local elections. The first is young voters voting for the first time who have grown up seeing no other party but

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Putin’s Firewall Around Russia-Turkey Partnership

Source:Newsclick Date:29Jan2019

The author is probably on fan of the West, but this is the best explanation of the Adana Accord, which has move to the center-stage of Turkey-Damascus relations in the recent days.  Putin is

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