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Factbox: Greece’s territorial waters and Turkey


A Greek view on  the territorial waters dispute in the Aegean Sea.  Mostly impartial.   Why is Turkey taking issue with Greece’s maritime border expansion? A decision to extend Greek

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The status of Turkish gas imports under US “snap-back” sanctions

Source:LEXOLOGY Date:11Nov2018

As I understand it, Turkey has also automatically  recevied a temporary waiver for gas imports:   Foreign financial institutions in countries that receive significant reduction exceptions

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From Manbij to Idlib: Turkey’s deal-making in Syria

Source:Ahval News Date:09Nov2018

Best analysis of the stage of affairs in North Syria:  the Turkish presence can’t be ignored   Ultimately, Hawez identifies Turkey as “a major player in influencing the outcome of the

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Turkey-U.S. relations: Trump strengthened in foreign affairs after U.S. mid-terms

Source:Ahval News Date:09Nov2018

The eventual appointment of a new ambassador to Turkey will certainly spark contentious hearings, even with the removal of Brunson’s detention as a point of conflict between the two allies.

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Is Turko-German spring illusive?

Source:al Monitor Date:04Nov2018

Mortan noted that foreigners have fears over “the security of earnings” in Turkey. “The plan to nationalize 21% of Isbank shares alone is enough to scare them. There is no guarantee this would

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An opportunity for U.S.-Turkey relations?

Source:Ahval News Date:30Oct2018

A d,fferent angle on the repercussions of Kashoggi murder. It could lead to better relations between Turkey and US, says Kyle Orton of Ahval News.   For Turkey, comparisons with Saudi Arabia

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The Breakneck Islamization of Turkey’s Education System

Source:Gatestone Institute Date:28Oct2018

All the same, the number of “imam hatip” schools has climbed from 450 in 2002 to 4,112 in 2017. Meanwhile, there are only 302 specialized science high schools in the country. Imam

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The Sanctioned States: Economic Crises in Iran and Turkey

Source:The Moshe Dayan Center Date:25Oct2018

A fresh perspective on  Iran and Turkey:  The Trumpian damage Turkey is better placed to get out of the crisis than Iran. The crisis over US sanctions could be easily resolved and Turkey has some

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ANALYSIS: Will US grant waivers to Turkey for Iran sanctions?

Source:PA Intelligence Date:20Oct2018

After Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hinted that some sanctions  on Turkey will be lifted, the focus of the Turko-American tension shifted  to the most immediate dispute, namely compliance with

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The Global Competitiveness Report 2018

Source:World Economic Forum Date:17Oct2018

Makes sobering reading for  Developing Economies in particular for Turkey, which incidentally slipped three places in the rankings.   This is paragraph I liked best:  Weak institutions

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