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Russia Might Regret the U.S. Drawdown in Syria

Source:Lawfare Date:15Apr2019

The Syrian Conflict from the Russian point of view.  Also has important lessons for Turkey.  An alliance with Russia instead of NATO-US would bring few benefits: Though the announced drawdown of

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Radical Love Book’ hailed as key to Turkish opposition election success

Source:Middle East Eye Date:13Apr2019

Probably the first pro-CHP article in any English language  press outlet!   Faced with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s polarising invectives labelling them as terrorists, the CHP tried a

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U.S. Lawmakers Talk Turkey to Ankara

Source:Foreign Policy Date:12Apr2019

The title not withstanding, this article is not about US-Turkey relations, but the East-Med energy chess game. Worth a read, because it dispells silly ideas like  an NG pipeline to Italy or

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The Alevis Dilemma

Source:Lima Charlie News Date:08Apr2019

Turkey observers usually pinpoint the ethnic  tensions between Turks and Kurds, but few pay attention to an even deeper secterian divide. Alevites vs the Sunni majority.  This analysis by a

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Rumors about the “death” of Russian-Turkish alliance in Syria greatly exaggerated

Source:Modern Diplomacy Date:06Apr2019

A well-balanced and thoughtfull article on Tukey’s options in Syria.  Neither Russia nor US is willing to grant  Ankara it main priorities of safe return of Syrian refugees and eradication

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Post-revolutionary Iran and Turkey at 40: Pragmatism and convergence

Source:Brookings Instituse Date:05Apr2019

For those who wish to understand how  Turkey and Iran can compete  in Syria, but cooperate in economics.   In due course, Turkey learned to co-exist with Iran’s new regime and during the

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Turkxit Time?

Source:Carnegie Europe Date:03Apr2019

This is a somber and multi-dimensional analysis of S-400 strife between Turkey and US/NATO.  It is a must read for anyone who needs to guess the end game.   Turkey will refuse deliver of S-400s,

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s power is waning

Source:Financial Times Date:02Apr2019

An astute analysis by David Gardner of FT about why Erdogan is upset  about losing Istanbul and  what he intends to do  going forward:   The focus on the AKP’s Islamist ideology underplays

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China Increases Foreign Direct Investments Into Turkey

Source:Eurasiafuture Date:30Mar2019

Don’t be fooled by the title. Adam Garrie goes beyodn the economics of Turko-Sino integration into the political aspects as well:   Today, Turkey is taking the next logical step in

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Erdogan’s ‘New Turkey’ Has Left Millions Unmoored

Source:Bloomberg Date:28Mar2019

A startling account of the economic disenfranchisement and rural poverty behind Erdogan “economic miracle”   The “New Turkey” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been touting

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