Turkey is soon due to take delivery of its Russian missiles

Source:the Economist Date:16Mar2019

You have been warned–by the Economist:   There is speculation in Ankara that Mr Erdogan may try to sidestep the crisis by offering to keep the Russian weapons in storage, or by

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As Key Vote Nears in Turkey, Unemployment Adds to Erdogan’s Woes

Source:Voice of America Date:16Mar2019

According to official Turkish figures, during the campaign, the state broadcaster TRT, devoted 53 hours to the ruling AKP in contrast to seven hours for other parties. The pro-Kurdish HDP,

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How a small Istanbul team with government links rose to challenge Turkey’s football elite

Source:The National Date:14Mar2019

A very impartial analysis to the question countless Turkish soccer fans are asking:  Is soccer being manipulated by politics?   love to hate. Founded in 1990 as the side of the Istanbul

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How Turkey’s local elections became ‘matter of national survival’

Source:al Monitor Date:14Mar2019

A good read to understand AKP-MHP spin on local elections.  Also contains precious poll data.   Both Erdogan and his alliance partner Devlet Bahceli say the local elections are a ‘matter of

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The power struggle in Turkey is far from over

Source:Ahval News Date:12Mar2019

More voices are heard in pro-government media raising alarm on what they see as an “Eurasianist siege” of Erdogan and his palace. This is in reference to a large-scale, hard-line, partly

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Turkey hints S-400 crisis with US is solvable

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:12Mar2019

A ray of hope?  Erdoğan reiterated his government’s criticisms against the U.S. on all these issues but also stressed: “God willing, we will deal with this issue in line with common sense, logic

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Turkey becoming minefield for foreign journalists

Source:al Monitor Date:09Mar2019

This article is worth reading, because it also explains  why Turkey’s efforts to improve with Germany and EU at large are at an impasse.   Why is the government turning Turkey into a

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Women’s Day Spurs Femicide Protests Across Turkey

Source:Voice of America Date:09Mar2019

Despite a heavy police presence, the Kadikoy demonstration passed without incident. But thousands of women gathered in Istanbul’s main Istiklal Street area, where hundreds of riot police,

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Is Erdogan’s airport dream turning into nightmare?


This article raises very serious questions about the operational and financial viability of the Third Airport: Erdogan inaugurated the new airport at a soft opening Oct. 29, the 95th anniversary

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Turkish prosecutors target U.S. state dept. official overseeing Turkey in Gezi indictment

Source:Ahval News Date:07Mar2019

Prosecutors overseeing the case against 16 Turkish citizens who took part in the 2013 Gezi Park protests have included phone records of a conversation between one defendant and an individual that

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