Erdogan’s Venezuela adventure turns into another bargaining chip

Source:Global Americans Date:11Dec2018

Aside from the fact that Erdogan’s visit was the first-ever visit by a Turkish head of state to Venezuela, Erdogan’s visit bluntly demonstrates Turkey’s determination to strengthen its bilateral

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Turkish Economy’s Hard Landing Upsets Erdogan Electoral Play

Source:Bloomberg Date:11Dec2018

Now that the hard landing is here for Turkey, the question is how long the economic slowdown will last and what policy makers will do about it with only months left before local elections. The

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US Drops Bid to Toughen Sentence for Turkish Banker Hakan Atilla

Source:Courthouse News Service Date:09Dec2018

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long lobbied the Trump administration for Atilla’s release in a case connected to a December 2013 corruption scandal threatening his family, ruling

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Will China buy Turkey on the cheap?

Source:al Monitor Date:09Dec2018

Indeed, the question is not unfounded. Turkey is going through a deepening economic crisis marked by rising unemployment and inflation, a growing external debt burden and a highly volatile

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Turkey court upholds conviction of prominent jailed Kurdish leader

Source:Euractiv Date:06Dec2018

The decision, which was announced on Twitter by his lawyer Mahsuni Karaman, follows a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on 20 November that called on Turkey to release Demirtaş.

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Turkey Calls for Arrest of Aides to Saudi Crown Prince in Khashoggi Killing

Source:New York Times Date:06Dec2018

Crunch time for Erdogan:  will he stop here or directly accuse MBS?     Istanbul’s top prosecutor on Wednesday filed arrest warrants for two senior Saudi officials who are close to the

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US envoy Jeffrey suggests ending Astana talks for Syria

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:05Dec2018

It is very clear that the Damascus regime, the Russians and Iranians want to see the ‘three Rs,’” Jeffrey said. “Refugees pushed back to Syria, reconstruction aid and the Bashar al-Assad regime

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Mueller gives new details on Flynn’s secretive work for Turkey

Source:NBC News Date:05Dec2018

Gods must be against improvement in Turko-American relations: Federal prosecutors said in the court filing, which refers to Gulen, though not by name, that Flynn’s decision not to disclose that

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Analysts expect renewed efforts to settle Kurdish issue following March polls in Turkey

Source:Xinhua Date:04Dec2018

Very interesting Xinhua view: Despite Ankara’s insistent calls in the past, the YPG did not give up establishing autonomous cantons along the Turkish border either. “In addition, if

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Senate brakes on Trump do not signal gains for Turkey

Source:Ahval News Date:04Dec2018

Erdoğan has gained as much politically from the Khashoggi case as possible, but now that heinous crime is becoming a deeply regretted tragedy in the past, not a current cause for a strong

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