July 15: The day Turkey’s media narrative changed

Source:al Jazeera Date:20Feb2018

“So when a new decree-law is announced and people raise their concerns about the implications of that decree-law, usually the first response from a pro-government pundit is ‘Are you

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Integrating Syrian Refugees in Istanbul’s “District of Victimhood”

Source:International Crisis Group Date:20Feb2018

As underlined by Crisis Group’s 29 January report, Turkey’s Syrian Refugees: Defusing Metropolitan Tensions, the risk of violent clashes between hosts and refugees is higher in places where the

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Turkey, US and Germany: Hopes of better relations are premature

Source:PA Intelligence Date:17Feb2018

Turkish Lira appreciated strongly against the dollar and Euro on Friday, as American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson promised cooperation in Syria with Turkey, while a court released

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Civilians have no place to run as Turkey offensive drags on

Source:Washington Post Date:16Feb2018

Afrin Campaign, presented as a moral war and certain victory in the Turkish press is viewed in an entirely diffrent context by the outside world.   This news item in Washington Post is highly

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Investors Think Erdogan Could Call an Early Vote Because His War Is Popular

Source:Bloomberg Date:14Feb2018

I concur, Erdogan will be forced to call early elections.   Still, investors will be “anxious about a new risk event on the horizon,” said Paul Greer, an assistant portfolio manager

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Turkey Is Out of Control. Time for the U.S. to Say So.

Source:Politico Date:13Feb2018

Signs of a storm brewing over the horizon: Washington needs to clearly and explicitly spell out the consequences that will result if Turkey attacks positions where U.S. troops are embedded. This

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EU warns Turkey over Cyprus ship incident

Source:Euractiv Date:13Feb2018

For those who naively believe Turkey-EU relations can improve, or visa requirement can be  waived. Greeks have seen to that.   The European Union on Monday (13 February) called on Turkey to

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1.2 million people victimised by Turkey’s emergency rule – rights group

Source:Ahval News Date:12Feb2018

The extent of the Gulenist tragedy: The report said the unemployment rate among the purged civil servants are 65 percent and those employed are now in low-paying jobs due to harassment. 50

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CHP will find a Macron for Turkey, says senior journalist

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:12Feb2018

Commentary on main opposition party CHP is so rare, I couldn’t possibly miss this interview. Veteran journalist Mr Sedat Bozkurt says:   If there will be a Turkish “Macron,” they will

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Turkish efforts in Afrin, Idlib will allow Syrians to return home

Source:Daily Sabah Date:09Feb2018

A very critical speech by Erdogan, which found insufficient coverage:   “What is behind the Afrin operation? We will solve the Afrin issue, the Idlib issue and we want that our refugee

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