Erdogan launches attack on German parties ahead of election

Source:Financial Times Date:18Aug2017

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched an extraordinary attack on Germany’s main political parties on Friday, describing them as “enemies of Turkey” and urging Turks to boycott them in

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Turkey Opposition Leader’s Arrest Feared

Source:Voice of America Date:15Aug2017

Erdogan is running scared of Kilicdaroglu: Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) is voicing alarm its leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu could face prosecution and jail in an ongoing

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Ignoring Tillerson’s Call For Postponement, Iraqi Kurds Vow To Hold Independence Referendum On Sept. 25

Source:Western Journalism Date:15Aug2017

Iraq seems to be heading toward a serious conflict over the Kurdish plan to hold a referendum on the establishment of an independent Kurdish state in the north of the country. Trouble could also

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Turkey’s Embattled Political Cartoonists

Source:WSJ Date:13Aug2017

The grand Turkish tradition of political lampoons and caricatures is disappearing in the face of a changing media landscape and the country’s increasingly autocratic political life. “To write or

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Turkey’s attacks on women wearing shorts

Source:MacLeans Press Date:13Aug2017

One of the fundamental principles of modern democracy , that of gender equality is in jeopardy in Turkey, as AKP enables Islamist conservatives to push women out of the public space.

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Turkey hints at new operation in Syria

Source:al Monitor Date:10Aug2017

Officials in Ankara are more than aware that executing Operation Euphrates Shield proved to be much more difficult than expected. It was successful in the end because Turkey was fighting IS and

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Can Turkey shield Qatar from multifaceted woes?

Source:Daily Pakistan Date:10Aug2017

The tiny gas rich state depends on expatriate manpower and imports to meet 90% of daily needs. Turkish military support may thwart any misadventurism in Doha’s power corridors but can it help

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The Cold War-era Origins of Islamism in Turkey and its Rise to Power

Source:Hudson Institute Date:07Aug2017

In this article, Behlül Özkan, Associate Professor at Marmara University argues while the classic dichotomy “between Kemalism and Islamism is, to some degree, a useful lens through which to

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Turkey tells a story with major military personnel moves

Source:al Monitor Date:04Aug2017

In depth analysis of new military brass  and the political ramifications by expert Mr Metin Gurcan.

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A retreat in Turkey’s ‘more friends, fewer enemies’ policy?

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:02Aug2017

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