Reality Check: The numbers behind the crackdown in Turkey

Source:BBC news Date:21Jun2018

How a just effort to remove the Gulenist scourge from the state turned into a witch hunt: People who have been sacked by decree are given no information initially about what they are alleged to

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Turkey election: will Erdogan’s power grab backfire?

Source:Financial Times Date:21Jun2018

We want to thank FT for using our poll data in this article.   “Turkey is textbook unstable,” says Ryan Gingeras, an associate professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in California. “We

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Turkey elections: Can Erdogan really lose?

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:19Jun2018

Özer Sencar, who owns the opinion research institute Metropoll, has been following Erdogan’s career for 25 years. He says Erdogan has never run such a bad election campaign. Erdogan no

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Senate Approves Ban On Sale Of U.S. F-35s To Turkey Over Russia Deal

Source:Radio Free Europe Date:19Jun2018

We told you so: The U.S. Senate has passed a major defense bill that would block the sale of U.S. F-35 fighter jets to Turkey unless it abandons a deal to buy S-400 missile-defense systems from Russia.

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OSCE expresses concerns over June 24 elections in Turkey in interim report

Source:Stockholm Center for Freedom Date:17Jun2018

An interim report of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) cites a number of concerns regarding the democratic process ahead of upcoming elections in Turkey, including

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Turkey takes on Kurds in evolving Qandil operation

Source:al Monitor Date:17Jun2018

Politicians in Ankara describe Turkey’s end goal using inflammatory language such as “draining the swamp in northern Iraq” and “cutting off the snake’s head” to define wiping

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Reza Zarrab not yet revealed ‘most important name’ in sanctions-busting scheme

Source:Stockholm Center for Freedom Date:15Jun2018

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Erdal Aksünger has stated that Turkish-Iranian gold trader Reza Zarrab, who has been held in a New York prison since March 2016 for

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Is Erdogan losing his grip on Turkey?

Source:Washington Post Date:13Jun2018

Still, Turkey is not Russia, I always tell my European and American friends. Elections here are flawed, but real. Yes, Erdogan is still very popular and, yes, he controls the media, the judiciary

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Moscow’s take on US-Turkey Manbij deal: Wait and see

Source:al Monitor Date:13Jun2018

He ( a Russian diplomat) added, “Many issues in the [Manbij] deal remain unclear: How are they going to [discern] who are members of PKK [the Kurdistan Workers Party, which Russia and the United

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European Commission calls for continuing Turkey-Greece migrant deal

Source:Middle East Monitor Date:10Jun2018

Her remarks came after Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced Thursday that Ankara was suspending its bilateral migrant readmission deal with Greece. The suspension followed Greek

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