Turkey’s snap elections and the future of Turkish democracy

Source:Brookings Date:24Apr2018

If the government fails to ensure that elections are free and fair, this could aggravate Turkey’s deep polarization and also risk undermining the legitimacy of an electoral victory. This, in

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Turkey is succumbing to collective insanity

Source:Washington Post Date:24Apr2018

An article that best describes my diagnosis of the fundamental problem of Turkey today: We live in the Matrix world and assail anyone who tells us so.  More than a shaky economy and bad relations

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Hahn: Carrot for Albania and Macedonia, customs union for Turkey

Source:EURACTIV Date:21Apr2018

It is now up to the leaders of Turkey to clarify in which direction they want to go. They always emphasise that they are still interested in full membership – but for this, accession criteria

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Turkey’s president will win the country’s snap elections. Here’s why they still matter

Source:Washington Post Date:21Apr2018

The first referance to the possibility of mass fraud in the upcoming Turkish elections.  The oppostiopn is united in its view that AKP will resort to cheating. But can a fradulent election

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Congress ready to levy sanctions, says report

Source:PA Intelligence Date:20Apr2018

According to the influential website The Hill, a bipartisan bill to slap sanctions on Turkey could be underway for “keeping Pastor Andrew Brunson hostage”. The upcoming sentencing hearing of Iran

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Why has Turkey started debating an early election?

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:18Apr2018

Up to today, whenever Bahçeli has made a call for an early election there has indeed been an early election in Turkey. There is only one exception: When Erdoğan agreed to legalize election

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Donald Trump tweets support for Christian pastor on trial in Turkey

Source:ABC news Date:18Apr2018

Signs of US running out of patience with Turkey. United States President Donald Trump voiced his support on Twitter for Pastor Andrew Brunson, who is on trial in Turkey on charges he was linked

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Turkey’s outlook a year after the April 2017 referendum

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:16Apr2018

A comprehensive scorecard of Turkey one year after the presidential referendum:   On the economy, the value of the Turkish Lira is constantly plunging against the U.S. dollar and the euro,

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Police Prevent CHP’s Sit-in Protest of State of Emergency

Source:biaNet Date:16Apr2018

CHP finally began street protests, as many of the rank-and-file demanded, against State of   Emergency and the violations   of rule of law. Pictures from Istanbul indicate moderate crowds. Will

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Turkey to get worst EU scorecard so far, officials say

Source:Reuters Date:15Apr2018

Turkey will on Tuesday receive the European Commission’s most critical report since it launched its bid to join the European Union over a decade ago, with Brussels warning that years of progress

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