Our Man in NATO: Why Putin Lucked Out With Recep Erdogan

Source:Moscow Times Date:16Apr2019

Incredible!  Russians are laughing at our  eagerness to buy their weapons and undermine NATO!   Without firing a single shot, deploying a single tank or using a single internet troll, Moscow

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In high-risk move, Erdogan calls for Istanbul election to be annulled

Source:The Arab Weekly Date:15Apr2019

AKP Deputy Chairman Ali Ihsan Yavuz called for new elections in Istanbul, which would probably take place in June, news reports said. The decision to schedule a new election rests with Turkey’s

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Turkey After The Heated Municipal Elections

Source:LobeLog Date:15Apr2019

Erdogan’s post-election economic reform package will also be closely analyzed by most European countries, who are by far Turkey’s biggest trade partners. The technical details of the financial

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Have Turkey’s Elections Produced a Challenger to Erdogan? A resume of Ekrem Imamoglu

Source:Foreign Affairs Date:13Apr2019

Ayla Jean Ackley writes the first CV of the  man who delivered CHP its first major victory  in 16 years, mayor-soon-to-be-elect of Istanbul, Mr Ekrem Imamoglu   “Imamoglu doesn’t carry the

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Turkey at the Crossroads

Source:The Cipher Brief Date:12Apr2019

Turkey’s ruling AKP party is asking for a full recount in the mayoral election in Istanbul, making accusations of ‘wide-spread crimes.’ Defeats for the AKP in the nation-wide elections

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Pelican clique undermines Turkey’s ruling party, seeks Istanbul re-vote

Source:Ahval News Date:12Apr2019

A precious expose of the factions within AKP with focus on  one particularly virulent strain, called the Pelicanists.  A must read for those who need to understand the intricacies of Turkish

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Why Turkey’s PKK Conflict Looms Larger than Ever in Local Election Aftermath

Source:Foreign Policy Research Institute Date:10Apr2019

Faced with a sweeping political rebuke, however, Erdogan’s party has found a silver lining in Turkey’s majority Kurdish southeast. There, it has touted unexpected victories as evidence that the

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A U.S. Fighter Jet or a Russian Missile System. Not Both.

Source:New York Times Date:09Apr2019

This letter is written by Congressional leaders:  Mr. Inhofe and Mr. Reed are the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Mr. Risch and Mr. Menendez are the chairman

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Amid Turkey’s pending Russia defense system purchase, some question Trump’s ability to push back

Source:Yahoo News Date:09Apr2019

As Turkey moves forward with the controversial purchase of Russia’s most sophisticated and advanced air defense systems, some State Department and Department of Defense officials are

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Uighur debate shows shifting influence in Turkish policies

Source:al Monitor Date:08Apr2019

China’s treatment of the Uighurs doesn’t bear directly on Turkey’s economy, but the debate on the matter reveals the power struggle between the two circles that currently dominate

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