HSBC Turkey Chief to Stand Trial in April for Erdogan Insult

Source:Yahoo News Date:08Feb2019

Fear of any anti-government protest  reaching the level of paranoia:  HSBC’s Selim Kervanci was being investigated by the prosecutor’s office over a video he retweeted during the so-called Gezi

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Is authoritarianism bad for the economy? Ask Venezuela – or Hungary or Turkey

Source:The Conversation Date:04Feb2019

Authoritarianism isn’t always bad for the economy. Autocratic China and Singapore are both economic success stories, growing at double digits – a pace largely unseen in Western democracies. But

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Turkey’s Kurds are sacrificing election wins but to what end?

Source:Arab Weekly Date:03Feb2019

Still, given that the race is neck and neck in the big cities and in western Turkey, the opposition is anxious to attract HDP voters. If the main, so-called greater municipalities are won by

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Why US plan to have Europeans run Syria safe zone is no sure bet

Source:al Monitor Date:03Feb2019

Very important, because WSJ implies Trump adminstration doesn’t  intend Turkey to occupy and run the safe zone:   Looks can be deceiving: But the US plan doesn’t have any hard

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Southern EU Summit sends strong message to Turkey

Source:al Jazeera Date:02Feb2019

The Joint Declaration statement issued after the summit also called on Turkey to normalise relations with the Republic of Cyprus by “lifting the restrictions in its ports and

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Turkey: US Consulate employee who did DEA work has trial set

Source:Star Tribune Date:02Feb2019

Turkey-US relations are once again at a critical juncture,  as a judge convicted and then released   a Turkish national working for US  consulate on charges of treason. Now, another key figure in

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Turkey reverts to 2016 score on corruption index

Source:Ahval News Date:29Jan2019

The Corruption Perceptions Index of 2018, released on Tuesday by Transparency International, showed that Turkey, despite reversing its slide, continues to struggle from corruption. The index,

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Economic woes set to seal fate of Turkey’s local polls

Source:al Monitor Date:29Jan2019

Quotes two polls, one not made public in Turkey Turkey’s economic turmoil, fueled by a currency crisis amid unprecedented tensions with the United States last summer, has become the No. 1 concern

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Turkey’s women face dangerous conditions to obtain legal abortion

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:28Jan2019

According to a study by Kadir Has University in Istanbul, public hospitals in 53 of Turkey’s 81 provinces reject an abortion request if it comes only at the pregnant woman’s request.

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Congress cuts deal on Middle East aid package

Source:al Monitor Date:26Jan2019

The previous bill would have implemented visa bans on Turkish officials involved in the detention of US citizens while banning the transfer of F-35 aircraft to Ankara if it moves ahead with

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