Turkey and the West: What to Expect in 2019?

Source:Carnegie Europe Date:26Jan2019

In Washington, many voices are questioning the solidity of Turkey’s Western affiliation. The massive financial scheme to help Iran circumvent U.S. sanctions against Iran, known as the Zarrab

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As gold trade booms, Venezuela eyes stronger Turkey ties

Source:al Jazeera Date:22Jan2019

However, it is the gold trade with Turkey that has caught the eye, with US officials claiming some of the proceeds may be being funnelled to Iran, another Maduro backer, in breach of sanctions.

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Turkey’s election watchdog denies claims over ghost voters for local polls

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:22Jan2019

Turkey’s High Election Board responded to allegations of voter registration fraud:   “Let me give you an example. The number of frozen registration of electorates was only 736 in the

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Turkey-Based Schools in U.S. Continue to Attract Negative Attention

Source:Center for Immigration Studies Date:21Jan2019

The truth about  Gulen schools in US: Meanwhile, a much larger group of educational institutions, all allied with Gulen, continue to receive heavy criticism, but continue to operate, fully-funded

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Turkey’s state of permanent crisis serves Erdogan

Source:The Arab Weekly Date:20Jan2019

In their 2018 book “How Democracies Die,” Harvard professors Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt noted that “blatant dictatorship — in the form of fascism, communism or military rule — has

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Istanbul, the flashpoint of Turkey’s crisis and looming elections

Source:al Monitor Date:19Jan2019

The opposition is rather optimistic, given that the AKP got 42% in the general elections in June 2018, a notable decline from nearly 50% in November 2015. Moreover, it had to seek an electoral

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US erodes Turkey-Russia Axis in Syria

Source:Newsclick Date:19Jan2019

While the tone of the article somewhat controversial, the authors observations are to the  point and cover veyr well the interconnection between Syria and the major decision Ankara has to reach

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Trump’s Syrian Detente With Erdogan Masks Rot That Runs Deep

Source:Bloomberg Date:18Jan2019

“Turkey-U.S. relations have not improved, and will not improve,” said Bill Park, a senior lecturer specializing in Turkish foreign and security policy at King’s College in London. “There are too

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Opposition reports false voter registrations in Turkey

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:18Jan2019

False registration is a sign of how desperate AKP is, which falling behind in polls across the board:   More than 200 voters live in the same apartment in Bingol, a city in eastern Anatolia.

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As economy sours, Erdogan’s party could lose grip on big cities in local polls

Source:Reuters Date:17Jan2019

Two party sources told Reuters that two of its internal polls showed support for the AKP had fallen to 32-35 percent, before accounting for the 30 percent of voters still undecided. In 2014 local

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