Turkey’s trigger finger grows itchy over US-Kurd relations

Source:al Monitor Date:21Nov2018

At the moment, however, Turkey’s best commando, armor and special forces elements are engaged in numerous operations: inside Turkey, in northern Iraq, in the northwest Syrian territory it

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Turkey’s Erdogan says ECHR ruling on jailed politician supports terrorism

Source:Reuters Date:21Nov2018

Hours after the ECHR’s ruling, Erdogan dismissed the ruling as not binding and, without elaborating, said Turkey would take steps against the decision. ECHR rulings are legally binding, but there

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Trump: US will not hand over Erdoğan foe for Turkey

Source:The Hill Date:18Nov2018

Trump told reporters at the White House before leaving for a trip to California that extraditing exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen was “not under consideration.” He added that

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Poll Shows 41 Pct Support for Erdogan’s AK Party, 25 Pct for Opposition

Source:The Globe Post Date:18Nov2018

We cover polls in our Weekly Reports.  This very detailed Metropoll  survey of attitudes is actually bad news for AKP, because there is no guarantee that undecideds will choose the party on

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EU calls on Turkey to release 13 people arrested for links to Gezi Park protests

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:17Nov2018

Kavala, Anatolia Culture Association’s chairman, was arrested more than a year ago but has not yet been charged with any crime. He is accused of working with foreigners in a 2016 failed

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The Case for Reshaping U.S.-Turkey Relations

Source:Council on Foreign Relations Date:17Nov2018

The divergence between these two NATO allies reflects the changes in international politics since the end of the Cold War nearly a generation ago. Absent the common threat posed by the Soviet

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To ease Turkish pressure on Saudis over killing, White House weighs expelling Erdogan foe

Source:NBC News Date:16Nov2018

This is major:  White House wants to swap Fethullah Gulen for Erdogan’s silence on Khashoggi murder.   The White House is looking for ways to remove an enemy of Turkish President Recep

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US official says investigation into Turkey’s Halkbank still underway

Source:Stockholm Center for Freedom Date:15Nov2018

An unnamed US official who met with a group of Turkish journalists said that an investigation into Turkey’s state-owned Halkbank conducted by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is still

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Fake news in Turkey: Hunting for truth in land of conspiracy

Source:BBC news Date:15Nov2018

This is a great story by BBC which incidentally explains why independent  research outfits like us have such a difficult time finding the truth and then   swetaing to convince our clients that

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Turkey tests waters for new offensive against YPG

Source:al Monitor Date:14Nov2018

But, doesn’t have US blessing:   Future Turkish operations east of the Euphrates depend very much on the United States giving up on its partnership with the YPG. Washington will not,

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