Concerns in Ankara over potential U.S. sanctions conveyed to Erdoğan – Reuters

Source:Ahval News Date:01Jun2019

Despite the Turkish official’s repeated statements that it will go ahead with plans to purchase Russian S-400 missile systems, concerns in Ankara fover potential U.S. sanctions have reached as

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Turkey’s Erdogan reveals new judicial reforms amid bid to join EU

Source:al Jazeera Date:01Jun2019

The judicial reform package, which was designed after consultation with legal experts and human rights groups, aimed to “strengthen our nation’s sense of justice”, Erdogan said.

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US denies willingness to talk over S-400 concerns with Turkey

Source:al Monitor Date:01Jun2019

The US government has shot down reports that President Donald Trump acquiesced to Turkey’s request to discuss Ankara’s pending purchase of a Russian missile defense system, telling Al-Monitor

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Rise of far-right parties in EP elections threatens Turkey-EU relations

Source:Daily Sabah Date:29May2019

In April, Salvini hosted members of European nationalist and far-right parties in Milan to discuss forming a broad political alliance within the European Parliament. Addressing the issue of

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Idlib government chief urges defense against Assad attack

Source:Reuters Date:29May2019

Idlib is Turkey’s new headache. Turkey can’t abandon Idlib in which case millions would flock to its borders, and Assad will become a neighbor  again.  The crisis in Idlib  could

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Turkey, Qatar risk losing regional geopolitical influence

Source:The Daily Star Date:25May2019

Turkey and Qatar risk losing geopolitical influence due to turmoil in Libya and Sudan, as regional rivals Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates extend their own reach. Doha, a long-time ally

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Surveys show Turkey’s İmamoğlu will win Istanbul election rerun – report


The harsh rhetoric of the coalition formed by the AKP and the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), labelling the opposition as enemies and terrorists, was one of the factors that affected

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Research article explains how Turkey uses pan-Islamism as a solution for failure

Source:al Arabiya Date:23May2019

Turkey has used Islam to legitimize itself as the leader of the Muslim world since the Ottoman Empire’s decline, writes Saud al-Sarhan, secretary-general of the King Faisal Center for Research

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Istanbul’s mayoral election re-run will only make Erdogan weaker

Source:The Independent Date:23May2019

Thus, a simple election for mayor of Turkey’s largest city has become a political and social battle of gargantuan proportions. The next 50 days not only threaten to further the divide the country

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Istanbul’s ousted mayor says billions wasted under Erdogan’s AKP


Preparing for the second vote, Imamoglu has sought to highlight alleged extravagance and waste under the AKP which, together with its Islamist predecessor parties, has ruled Istanbul with a

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