Can Turkey afford new battlefront in Iraq?

Source:al Monitor Date:06Apr2017

Will Ankara dare stage new cross-border operations in Syria or Iraq? After the poison gas attack in Idlip, Syria and president Erdogan’s declaration that new cross-border military operations are

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Turkey trawled four continents for data on Erdogan foes

Source:thestar Date:01Apr2017

Alleged Turkish spy network could add to EU-Turkey tensions: It is still not clear whether Erdogan’s attack on EU countries is a propaganda tool to win the presidential referendum, or he truly

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Ticking Clocks: Erdoğan and Turkey’s Constitutional Referendum


Presidential referendum and its aftermath: Turkey expert Garreth Jenkins discusses the current state of polls and the implications of YES and NO outcomes.   Can Turkey change course?  Read the

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Emerging Markets: Will growth continue?

Source:Al Jazeera Date:24Oct2016

After three years of lagging behind developed peers, emerging markets showed a burst of energy in 2016, with the equity index MSCI EM (Morgan Stanley Capital International Emerging Markets)

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Turkey’s Crackdown on Businesses Sparks Concern


The Turkish government crackdown that followed the failed July coup is expanding to businesses, with the assets of major multibillion-dollar conglomerates seized, along with hundreds of smaller

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