Germany says EU aid to Turkey could be halted over arrests

Source:Reuters Date:19Jul2017

For anyone who expected improvement  in Turko-EU relations, the dream is over. In fact, continued arrests of human rights activists  could trigger a new Syrian refugee crisis. How?  Read on.

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Turkey and Russia bargain for Northern Syria’s future

Source:al Monitor Date:18Jul2017

A Turkish buildup inside Syria is meanwhile reportedly continuing amid widespread speculation over a deal supposedly being cooked up between Turkey and Russia. In sum, Russia is pressuring the

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Turkey’s Syria problem escalates

Source:TRT World Date:18Jul2017

Syrian opposition group Free Syrian Army (FSA) launched an offensive against Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), also fighting against the regime and Daesh, on Monday in northern Syria as violence

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Turkey’s Emboldened Opposition

Source:Project Syndicate Date:15Jul2017

In Turkey, where President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government has been working to centralize political power, opposition parties have lately had few reasons to be optimistic. This month’s massive

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Turkey’s ‘Iron Lady’ Meral Aksener Is Getting Ready to Challenge Erdogan

Source:TIME Date:15Jul2017

For a long time I’ve been looking for  a good background and analysis on MHP dissident Mrs Aksener  who is forming her own party. At least among her followers and the center-right, there is

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Ankara may be counting on US-Russian rivalry in Syria

Source:al Monitor Date:13Jul2017

The flare-up of PKK terror and the expansion of Kurdish and Shia influence in Syria will eventually force Turkey to defend its interests by military action. But, how to convince the Big Guys?

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Talk of resurgent Turkish democracy dominates failed coup anniversary

Source:The Guardian Date:13Jul2017

The story of  CHP stole the coup anniversary limelight  from Erdogan

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At least 23,427 academics affected by post-coup emergency rule in Turkey

Source:Turkey Purge Date:11Jul2017

Short but so bitter:  Turkey’s massive loss of human capital

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Iran, Russia may hand over Afrin to Turkey ‘in exchange for concessions’

Source:Daily SABAH Date:11Jul2017

Ankara has been threatening to march on to Kurdish canton of Afrin, but as pro-government daily SABAH reports, receives no support from  other actors in the theatre. It may have to make

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A Long March for Justice in Turkey

Source:New York Times Date:08Jul2017

CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu lists his demands for a democratic and free Turkey.

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