Brussels pressed to rethink Turkey ties

Source:Financial Times Date:24Apr2017

We now hear from a multitude of sources that EU is contemplating to freeze accession. What will happen afterwards? This article explores the view of Expansion Commissioner Mr. Johannes Hahn who

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Voters describe intimidation in Turkey’s referendum

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:22Apr2017

The decision by Turkey’s High Election Council to count unstamped ballot slips eligible makes it almost impossible to detect signs of mass vote fraud, but stories of intimidation based on

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Despite referendum win, challenges still ahead for Erdogan

Source:XinhuaNet Date:22Apr2017

This is an excellent analysis of Erdogan’s policy dilemmas and potential choices post-referendum.

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Erdoğan’s Pyrrhic Victory?

Source:Project Syndicate Date:19Apr2017

Turkey’s leading international relations expert Mr. Soli Ozel assesses Erdogan’s narrow victory in the presidential referendum.  Is it the beginning of the end for the Erdogan Era? Is there any

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Here’s why Turkish opposition parties are contesting the referendum results

Source:Washington Post Date:17Apr2017

Turkey’s presidential referendum ended with a narrow YES victory and under a dense cloud of controversy.  The article from Washington Post explains best why the entire opposition from CHP

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Fears of foul play hang over Turkish referendum

Source:al Monitor Date:11Apr2017

This al Monitor report addresses a growing fear among Turkey’s beleaguered opposition. That foul play will determine the outcome of Sunday’s ballot, rather than voters’ conscience.  While the

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Glum EU braces for Turkey vote on Erdogan’s powers

Source:Reuter's Date:10Apr2017

EU is worried  about referandum results:  Politicians claim there are few good scenarios

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Can Turkey afford new battlefront in Iraq?

Source:al Monitor Date:06Apr2017

Will Ankara dare stage new cross-border operations in Syria or Iraq? After the poison gas attack in Idlip, Syria and president Erdogan’s declaration that new cross-border military operations are

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Turkey trawled four continents for data on Erdogan foes

Source:thestar Date:01Apr2017

Alleged Turkish spy network could add to EU-Turkey tensions: It is still not clear whether Erdogan’s attack on EU countries is a propaganda tool to win the presidential referendum, or he truly

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Ticking Clocks: Erdoğan and Turkey’s Constitutional Referendum


Presidential referendum and its aftermath: Turkey expert Garreth Jenkins discusses the current state of polls and the implications of YES and NO outcomes.   Can Turkey change course?  Read the

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