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US Economy, the laggard?


“The clear message is that the U.S. — the richest nation on Earth, as is frequently proclaimed, although it’s actually not the richest per capita — is increasingly

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Mixed findings on lira’s fair value


Lira has depreciated sharply in recent years — by some 25% in nominal terms (against a ‘basket’ that comprises 50% euro and 50% dollar) over the past year or so, and some 50% in

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World according to Martin Wolf


In 7 charts, Martin Wolf, FT’s Chief Econ Editor, shows the profound changes the world economy is undergoing and it is faced with. These are the rising share of Asia in global output, changing

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Economics in Transition


In a recent Project Syndicate article, Prof. Diane Coyle of Manchester University reviews three (critical) books on the state of economics, namely Andrew Lo’s Adaptive Markets; a collection of

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Three reasons behind low inflation


In this perceptive article, as he warns against repeating Japan’s mistakes, Stephen Roach gives three reasons as to why inflation remains low, which are in a nutshell globalization (or the

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Fed’s critical juncture – a few links for the record…


Remember this is not a blog in the traditional sense — I just simply write (irregularly) some (random) thoughts with hyperlinks on issues that interest me (and the people I deal with in my

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IFIs on the EM growth outlook


Since around the second half of last year, growth prospects in emerging markets/developing economies (EMDE) have improved. But there is a lot of uncertainty over whether this is just a cyclical

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CBRT on inflation dynamics


The Central Bank of Turkey has just published a very good and timely paper that explores inflation dynamics in Turkey.  The paper, among other things, documents nicely how dynamics of inflation

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The Man Who Knew


I finally finished this 700+ page monster, The Man Who Knew, The Life and Times of Alan Greenspan by Sebastian Mallaby, which was totally worth my time. I think it is by far one of the best books

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Has the U.S. President become more “normal”?


Some 28 experts polled by the New York Times in this very interesting exercise seems to think so. Although “President Trump continues to be unconventional”, “he also seems to be adjusting to the

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