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The Man Who Knew


I finally finished this 700+ page monster, The Man Who Knew, The Life and Times of Alan Greenspan by Sebastian Mallaby, which was totally worth my time. I think it is by far one of the best books

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Has the U.S. President become more “normal”?


Some 28 experts polled by the New York Times in this very interesting exercise seems to think so. Although “President Trump continues to be unconventional”, “he also seems to be adjusting to the

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Will Economic illiteracy cause a trade war?


This is what Jeff Sachs boldly asks in a recent Project Syndicate column, a key point being that trade (or more broadly current account) deficits are about a country’s saving-investment gap, not

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Indebtedness data, some links


If you are looking for overall (not just public sector) indebtedness data, here are some useful links. The IMF released this interesting work lately, that extends what we seem to know in the

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Populism: A key worry of our times


‘Populism’ is receiving a lot of attention lately, which has, most recently, made it to a 61-page report by the Hedge Fund (the largest, apparently), the Bridgewater Associates. The paper

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A Turkish Economy 101 Chart?


A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, and this could be the Turkish Economy version. I like this chart below, because it says a lot to me at least about how the Turkish economy

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Europe at 60 (and readings on how euro survived)


The European Union celebrated the 60th year of its existence recently, which has evolved from a small community (the European Coal and Steel Community) of 6 founding member states (Belgium,

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“Trump rally” or “SS is over rally”?


I get easily confused, and I like it very much when people (usually much smarter people than me) help me clear my confusions.  One such incidence concerned the so-called Trump rally —

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After “Beautiful Deleveraging” comes “Beautiful Normalization”


Mohammed El-Erian wrote a nice piece in the FT on monetary normalization in the U.S. ahead of the FOMC’s March meeting – his reference to a “beautiful normalization”, used twice in the article

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What these musings (or links) are all about?


As you will realize pretty quickly, this is really not a blog post. I just pull together some stuff –mainly some interesting hyperlinks – on issues and topics that interest me (primarily on

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