Turkey is soon due to take delivery of its Russian missiles

Source:the Economist Date:16Mar2019

You have been warned–by the Economist:


There is speculation in Ankara that Mr Erdogan may try to sidestep the crisis by offering to keep the Russian weapons in storage, or by reselling them to another country. Yet even that may not be enough. America opposes not just the system’s deployment, but its purchase.

Most analysts say the question is no longer whether things will come to a head, but how and when. Some think that America may decide to pile on the pressure ahead of local elections in Turkey on March 31st, placing Mr Erdogan in an uncomfortable spot. In theory, America can still grant Turkey a caatsa waiver. Officials say this is unlikely. Another deadline looms this autumn, when two f-35s are set to arrive in Turkey. Unless the two nato allies work out a solution, the planes might never touch Turkish soil.