A disaster in Syria as Russia and Turkey clash

Source:Washington Post Date:19Feb2020

Assad is determined to “liberate” Idlib.  Russia is non-committal, Erdogan will be forced to defy both:


“The Syrian regime is determined to wipe out the last stronghold of rebel resistance in Idlib province. … And Russia has given the offensive its full support, through airstrikes,” my colleagues reported last week.

“Moscow’s goal is not just backing an old friend, Syria,” they added. “It’s also about projecting Russian global power against NATO, all the while juggling President Vladimir Putin’s complicated friendship with another like-minded authoritarian, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.”

“But the true limits of a convergence of Turkish and Russian interests may have been reached in Idlib,” Ulgen added. “Direct Turkish-Syrian conflict could inflict lasting damage to the burgeoning Erdogan-Putin bromance.”