Ankara, Moscow Intensify Diplomatic Efforts as Battle Brews in Syria

Source:Voice of America Date:25Aug2018

And the Idlib question comes to a head:


Syrian government forces are steadily building up their forces around Idlib, with helicopters reportedly dropping leaflets warning of an imminent operation.

“Once the summer heat and the Bayram [Religious Eid holiday, which ends Friday] holiday passes, I do anticipate a Syrian offensive and Assad militia to start harassing Turkey’s monitoring posts in the north of the province of Idlib,” said political analyst Atilla Yesilada of Global Source Partners. By Assad, he was referring to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In the past few weeks, Turkish military forces have been reinforcing their military presence in Idlib, including deploying anti-aircraft missile systems. Large numbers of tanks also have been sent to the Turkish border with Idlib.


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