As Erdogan turns from the West, he sabotages Turkey’s progress

Source:The Daily Star Date:09Mar2019

While I  dsiagree on YPG-PYD being innocent of  terrorism, President Erdogan’s  deep suspicion of the West did inded stall Turkey’s once steallar economic and social progress.


For a scary snapshot of what a “post-American” world looks like, consider the rupture that has been developing through three administrations in the U.S.-Turkey relationship.Turkey has come to think it can call the shots, regardless of U.S. interests. The prime mover has been President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Over the past decade, he has altered Turkey’s political geography – undoing the western-facing secular republic created by Kemal Ataturk and creating a neo-Ottoman Turkey that’s more aligned with its eastern neighbors, including Russia, writes David Ignaius.