As US turns on Astana, Turkey looks east of the Euphrates

Source:Middle East Eye Date:09Dec2018

The Turkish government is holding separate talks on Syria with both the US and Russian governments amid concerns that it is losing diplomatic leverage as the security situation deteriorates in the opposition-held province of Idlib.

The talks come with Ankara repeatedly threatening to launch a military offensive against US-backed Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria, and with pro-Syrian government forces continuing to deploy around Idlib, where Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the former al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, is trying to consolidate itself.


A big piece article on Turkey multi-front efforts in Syria to turn the progress of war to its advantage.   One thing shiens through the conversation:  ASnkaras is committed to remain involved in Syira until it achieves its dula objectives of putting down PYD-YPG and  forcing Assad nito an honorable peace preserving Turkish interests.