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The execution of Sinan Ates: A Political Murder Reflects the Rise and Fracture of Turkey’s Far Right

Source:Newsline Magazine Date:25May2024

I’ve posted a news item on Turkey’s notorious crime lord Ayhan Bora Kaplan today, who is becoming instrumental to the proxy wars conducted between AKP-MHP. Another dimension of that

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Who is this crime lord Ayhan Bora Kaplan

Source:Arrested Lawyers Org Date:25May2024

A notorious Mafia boss, Mr Ayhan Bora Kaplan, currfenly  on trial for a serious of felonies from  murder to drug smuggling, has also become a focus of the tag-of-war between AKP and MHP.  Known

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Turkey-Iran Rivalry in the Changing Geopolitics of the South Caucasus

Source:SWP Date:24Apr2024

Dated, but a harbinger of things to come.   Turkey and Iran will also compete in Iraq, if the Peace Corridor “idea” ever turns into a well-funded project.   On the one hand, Iran

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The 2024 Turkish Elections Were a Warning for the Global Right

Source:The American Conservative Date:15Apr2024

A rare analysis of Turkey’s conservative political establishment and the meaning of 2024 local elections.   The “iron law of oligarchy,” by which decisions by a select party elite

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Time for an Armenia-Azerbaijan History Ceasefire

Source:Carnegie Date:28Feb2024

Or why peace is almost impossible in conflicts with starkly opposing narratives of the past.  Cyprus is another example of history interfering with the future   By recycling conspiracy

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As Peace Negotiations Advance, Armenia And Azerbaijan Are Going It Alone

Source:Radio Free Europe Date:09Feb2024

In their efforts to finally resolve their long-running conflict over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, can Armenia and Azerbaijan go it alone?   Now, though, with Nagorno-Karabakh back in

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The Future of U.S.-Turkish Ties: A New Relationship, Not a Reset

Source:Washington Institute Date:27Jan2024

By Soner Cagaptay. His article heralds some intriguing new developments in the bilateral relationship:   To be sure, the new Turkey still sees itself as part of the West. Yet unlike in the

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Ragip Soylu: War on Gaza: Why Turkey hasn’t severed all ties with Israel

Source:Middle East Eye Date:16Jan2024

Editor:  I try to post articles in this website that are unique or different.  That doesn’t mean I always agree with the author’s viewpoint. I’m a card carrying anti-Erdoganist,

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Gonul Tol: Turkey’s Erdoğan experience holds lessons for the US on Trump

Source:Financial Times Date:10Jan2024

Turkey and the US are surely different. But similar contexts have given rise to their populists: polarisation and distrust in democratic institutions. Erdoğan exploited these to turn Turkey’s

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A Fetih Accompli: How Erdogan Married Religion and Nationalism

Source:New Lines Magazine Date:01Jan2024

by Nicholas Danforth.  Kind  of dated, because the piece  was written before May 2023 elections, but presents  an internally consistent and refreshingly unique view of Erdogan’s ideology to

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