Source:War on the Rocks Date:08Jun2024

Solid analysis.   More broadly, the challenge remains that Erdogan’s ideology and domestic legitimacy rest on anti-Westernism and anti-Americanism. As shown when he won re-election in

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Website Refutes Reports over Health, Extradition of Exiled Turkish Cleric

Source:Balkan Insights Date:05Jun2024

Exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen is safe and well, the official website of the Gulen movement said late on Tuesday in response to reports that the man accused by Ankara of masterminding a

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From Client to Competitor: The Rise of Turkiye’s Defence Industry

Source:IISS Date:24May2024

Turkiye’s defence industry is at a crossroads, and decision-makers face a difficult choice regarding its future path. On one hand, Turkiye’s long-standing ambition to establish a self-sufficient

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Management Feud at Delivery App Getir Turns Bitter After Exits

Source:Bloomberg Date:14May2024

Or, why Arab investors are shy about Turkey.   The internal strife is a sign of the once-hyped rapid delivery market – and its flagship company – crashing back to reality.

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Turkey’s ‘Foreign Influence Agent Law’ Alarms Media, Civil Society

Source:Balkan Insights Date:11May2024

A perfect definition of inventing crimes where none exist   The pro-government daily Yeni Safak first leaked the information on the “foreign agent law” on Wednesday. “Those who work on

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Gonul Tol: America must continue to make the moral case for democracy

Source:Financial Times Date:08May2024

The Biden administration might think that de-emphasising freedoms and rights in partner countries stuch as Turkey is a price it must pay to contain Russia and defend democracy. In reality, the

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Geopolitics of the Central Caucasus

Source:Geopolitical monitor Date:01May2024

The Caucasian Chalk Circle In the context of the so-called emerging New World Order, Russia was at first left on the periphery, while Turkey and Iran were the first countries affected by

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The Economist: Ekrem Imamoglu on Turkey’s renewed faith in democracy

Source:The Economist Date:13Apr2024

Despite unfair competition, especially in the allocation of state resources to the ruling party and its candidates and government control of the media, the opposition Republican People’s Party

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A Shift in Power: CHP Win Ushers in Recalibration in Turkish Politics

Source:Wilson Center Date:11Apr2024

by Yusuf  Can   The CHP defeated leading AKP in a surprise reversal in Turkey’s municipalities. Driven by worsening economic conditions, voters supported CHP’s welfare policies. This will

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Ragip Soylu: Turkey local elections: How Erdogan’s Israel policy backfired

Source:Middle East Eye Date:10Apr2024

While Turkey’s continuing trade with Israel was not the biggest issue prompting conservative voters to stay home or switch parties, it was a factor among others, which even Erdogan acknowledged

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