China Increases Foreign Direct Investments Into Turkey

Source:Eurasiafuture Date:30Mar2019

Don’t be fooled by the title. Adam Garrie goes beyodn the economics of Turko-Sino integration into the political aspects as well:


Today, Turkey is taking the next logical step in strengthening its already strong and growing economic partnership with China. On the 1st of July of 2018, I stated,

“The next big step for Turkey is to gradually divest financial assets from the US and EU and move them towards Shanghai and other Asian financial centres that are more comfortable with working with Turkey as a partner for mutual development throughout future decades.

While the American military-industrial complex is keen not to alienate Turkey further, other forces of the broader US deep state including intelligence agencies, the financial sector and many powerful ethno-confessional groups have already begun acting and speaking as though Turkey is a rival or adversary of the US”.