Concerns in Ankara over potential U.S. sanctions conveyed to Erdoğan – Reuters

Source:Ahval News Date:01Jun2019

Despite the Turkish official’s repeated statements that it will go ahead with plans to purchase Russian S-400 missile systems, concerns in Ankara fover potential U.S. sanctions have reached as far as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Reuters reported on Friday, citing two Turkish officials.


“Some senior officials are opposing this delivery taking place, at least in June. A senior official conveyed this to Erdogan as well,” Reuters quoted one official as saying.

A second official familiar with the S-400 deal told Reuters that Ankara would not renege on plans to acquire Russian systems, despite worries over possible response of United States, which says that the S-400s could collect data on NATO military operations and undermine their defences.


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