Erdogan: Idlib slowly disappearing

Source:Vestnik Kavkaza Date:04Sep2019

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that a so-called de-escalation zone in Syria’s Idlib region is slowly disappearing because of military attacks by government forces.

Erdogan also said he would make all necessary contacts with parties in the region to find a solution to the Idlib situation, adding that a Syria safe zone which he has proposed to host Syrians fleeing the war is now nothing more than a name.


Former Foreign Minister Yasar Yakis:  Syrian authorities, Yakış said, ‘’may continue to bomb civilian targets to force them to flee and later bomb the same places more intensively in order to exterminate the armed opposition,’’ as part of an effort to embarrass Turkey by amassing refugees at the border.


There is no solution in sight for Idlib, according to Yakış, and all of the disagreements on the topic are bound to be discussed in trilateral summit between Turkey, Russia and Iran set to take place next month.