Everything you need to know about Canal Istanbul

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:17Jan2018

Erdogan’s crazy project of digging a trench across Istanbul peninsula as an alternative to  Bosphours Straits is now a reality. Excavation will commence in 2018.


Context and history: The idea of development, investment and big projects has always been exciting to Turks. In the 1930s, when modern Turkey was still a fledgling republic, its founders galvanized the nation with a state-sponsored development drive that served as a strong social adhesive during the nation-building process.

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Cost:  The minister refused to say how much the project would cost and how long it would take to complete. However, the private NTV broadcaster reported that building the canal would take $17.3 billion (€14.1 billion) and be completed in five years. Deutsche Welle.



Environmental  concerns:  “They themselves call it the ‘crazy project,’ but we call it the nightmare project,” said Onur Akgül, a member of Northern Forest Defense, an Istanbul-based group dedicated to protecting the environment. Politico.