Fake news in Turkey: Hunting for truth in land of conspiracy

Source:BBC news Date:15Nov2018

This is a great story by BBC which incidentally explains why independent  research outfits like us have such a difficult time finding the truth and then   swetaing to convince our clients that what they hear in the media is simply a replica of false-new spread by Turkish press.



A headscarved woman whose baby was kicked while she was urinated on by anti-government demonstrators.

Veteran political activist Noam Chomsky championing President Erdogan in a newspaper interview.

Photos of bloated corpses of Muslims in a river in Myanmar. A video showing Turkish jets blowing up Kurdish fighters in Syria.

All were compelling and widely-shared stories in Turkey. All were completely false.

Turkey is a country where fact and fiction are increasingly hard to distinguish, and where information is weaponised to further divide a profoundly polarised society.