Former Turkish PM breaks ties with Erdogan, ruling AK Party

Source:Yahoo News Date:14Sep2019

The AK Party, which has fallen under the control of a small team, no longer has the ability to be a solution to our country’s problems,” Davutoglu told a press conference in Ankara.

“It is evident that there is no internal evaluation, that the channels for…negotiations are closed, and that there is no possibility of an internal change,” he added.

Five other lawmakers resigned from the AK Party (AKP) alongside Davutoglu, 60. The party had earlier taken disciplinary action against him over his criticism of its policies, and was expected to soon dismiss him.

“In order to prevent the AK Party’s loyal base from living through the sadness of seeing their own chairman dismissed, we are resigning from our party, for which we gave years of brow sweat and guidance,” added Davutoglu, a professor.