How can Turkey survive US sanctions on Iran?

Source:al Monitor Date:15Oct2018

Best review of the impact of Iran sanctions on Turkey


Whether Turkey will again try to evade sanctions and if that is possible under the careful watch of the agencies will also depend on Turkish bankers’ know-how. A senior banker who spoke on the condition of strict anonymity said, “In order to design an evasion scheme even more elaborate than the Zarrab case, specific international banking expertise is essential. The Hakan Atilla case sent chills down the spines of all reputable bankers in Turkey. Now with the new sanctions, if Turkey contradicts fundamental American policies it will be impossible for bankers to travel to the United States in any capacity. I believe this time around that even if there is another Zarrab it would be rather difficult to convince any sober bankers to put their names down on a shady document. Despite the harsh rhetoric, Turkey has to fold and comply with sanctions after November.”