How to reset Turkey-Europe Relations

Source:European Council on Foreign Relations Date:05Oct2017

This op-ed by presidential advisor and spokesperson Mr. Ibrahim Kalin on how to reset EU-Turkey relations is sufficient proof that the rest will never happen, because Turkey fails to see the  faults in its increasingly authoritarian approach to human rights and democracy. The war against PKK and Gulen have mutated into broad and senseless witch-hunts which hurt even the Islamist base.  AKP insists on defining democracy and human rights in a very self-serving manner, ignoring the plight of the 50% of the society which doesn’t support it. Kalin refuses to mention Turkey’s broadening spy network in EU, its efforts to politicize ethnic Turks and meddle in German elections.


On one issue he is right though, EU needs to recognize PKK and Gulenists are terrorists which pose existential threats to Turkey’s stability and act to stop them.