Internal divisions in Turkey deepen: Lessons from the recent local elections

Source:London School of Economics blog Date:29Apr2019

An article that emphasizes the ambiguity of the lesson to be drawn from municipal elections.  Accident or the  beginning of the end?


Overall, the local elections of 31 March took place in an atmosphere of insecurity. The President announced that his party would take lessons from the elections and the advocates of the first view outlined above predict that the opposition party candidates who won the elections will eventually fail in their new positions since the presidential system will curb their powers over time.

Others suggest that the outcome of the local elections may be seen as a warning to the governing party. The correct response in this reading would be to embrace a more constructive approach and emphasise the democratic nature of the Turkish political system to improve Turkey’s image in the eyes of the international community and help Turkey reconcile with its internal and external critics.