Is Ali Babacan the man to finally take on Erdogan?

Source:Arab News Date:26Jul2019

(t)he challenges to Erdogan are beginning to pile up. Some he can shrug off, others, such as the economic hardship squeezing many of Turkey’s 80 million residents, are much more complex.

The reason the AKP achieved so much for so long was that it brought together Turkey’s best minds and leaders. Today, it has but one: Erdogan. He is surrounded by sycophants with little experience or knowledge of running a country. They seem to believe their only duty is to act on the whim of their president’s every wish and command.

There is much testing of the waters for Babacan, Davutoglu and other AKP renegades to do before they mount a serious threat to the ruling party but the ingredients appear to be in place. Be sure, however, Erdogan knows that, too.