Is the U.S. Handing Northeast Syria to Turkey?

Source:Middle East Forum Date:22Sep2019

A balanced article explaining in detail Turkish, American and Kurdish stakes in the proposed safe zone in North East Syria, which has become the leading focus of Turish foreign policy.  The conclusion is sobering:


There doesn’t seem to be any way to both satisfy Ankara’s view and continue to get the SDF to fight ISIS. In the long term, Ankara understands the more it pressures the US, the more the US will work with Ankara, and the more the SDF will come to realize it is fighting to keep Raqqa safe while being asked to hand over other parts of eastern Syria to another Afrin-style incident. Should the SDF provokes a crisis with the US, it will be seen as an unreliable partner, accused of working with Damascus and fueling Turkey’s claims for northern Syria. For ISIS sleeper cells, nothing could be more pleasing than to watch this policy chaos unfold two years after losing Raqqa.