Nagorno-Karabakh conflict reignites with worst clashes in decades

Source:Financial Times Date:03Oct2020

I read the article twice to find any mention of Armenian atrocities against Azeris, but no luck.  Honestly, I  can’t find any article through my Google search why Nagorno Karabagk  slaughters are such a deep scar in the collective memory of Turkic people.

At least 169 people have died in the latest chapter of one of the world’s more intractable conflicts, given a new dimension this time by the muscular support that Turkey has given to Azerbaijan. “The cultural and symbolic meaning of [Nagorno-Karabakh] for both peoples cannot be overstated,” Thomas de Waal writes in Black Garden: Armenia and Azerbaijan Through Peace and War, his history of the conflict. “For Armenians, Karabakh is the last outpost of their Christian civilisation. Azerbaijanis talk of it as a cradle, nursery, or conservatoire, the birthplace of their musicians and poets.”