REVEALED: How Gulf states hatched plan with Israel to rehabilitate Assad

Source:Middle East Eye Date:13Jan2019

I consider MEE a reliable source, but this analysis is highly controversial. On the other hand, perusing through the commentary in Turkey’s pro-AKP press, I do see several references to Sunni Arab States trying to muscle into Syria and seduce Assad to their side.  Certainly an eye-catching read, which claims Israel and Arab Quartet consider Turkey a greater threat then Iran.


Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have hatched a plan with Israel to welcome Syrian President Bashar al-Assad back into the Arab League to marginalise the regional influence of Turkey and Iran, Middle East Eye can exclusively reveal.


The officials also agreed at the meeting that they considered Turkey, rather than Iran, to be their major military rival in the region, and discussed plans to counter Ankara’s influence.

The Israelis told the meeting that Iran could be contained militarily, but that Turkey had a far greater capability. In the meeting Cohen is reported to have said: “Iranian power is fragile. The real threat comes from Turkey.”