Ruling party rebel Babacan could end Erdoğan’s government

Source:Ahval News Date:01Dec2019

The website adminstrator doesn’t agree with Mr Babahan’s view of CHP, but the article is a good read anyhow:


It is vital for conservatives, secular Alevis, Kurds and Turks who believe that the country must reconcile with the world, particularly with Europe and the West, to come together. This movement should be taken seriously by any who see the importance of ending AKP rule and bringing back a powerful and functional parliamentary system.

During his interview with HaberTürk on Tuesday, Babacan discussed what he saw as Turkey’s most pressing political needs: The separation of powers, an independent judiciary that evokes trust and respect, a strong economy, a return from a one-man regime to a parliamentary system, and the embrace of European Union ideals.