Russia strikes deal with Turkey on Syria’s Idlib, says Putin

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:28Aug2019

Contrary to the headline by Deutsche Welle, it is not clear what type of agreement has been reached to defuse the crisis in Idlib


On Tuesday, Putin also expressed concern over the Idlib escalation, but pointed to the need of fighting terrorism.

“Terrorists continue shelling the positions of Syrian government forces, trying to attack Russian military installations,” Putin said. “The de-escalation zone must not serve as a refuge for militants, let alone a bridgehead for new attacks.”

Putin told reporters that he and his Russian counterpart had agreed on on “joint steps” to normalize the situation.

“We have reached an understanding of how and what we can do together to resolve these issues,” he told reporters.

However, neither Putin nor Erdogan provided any details about the arrangement.



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