Syria peace deal threatened as Iran and Turkey clash in Idlib

Source:Arab News Date:07Feb2018

In a very alarming development, Arab news sources  report that Turkish  military and pro-regime forces or militia are exchanging  artillery fire in the south of deconfliction  zone Idlib. Rouhani called on Ankara to end the Afrin campaign, but Ankara is determined to hold on to Idlib to keep Assad away from its border:


A deadly attack carried out by Iranian militias on Turkish troops deep inside Syria has cast renewed doubt on the survival of a de-escalation agreement meant to ease tensions between three of the main powers enmeshed in the long-running conflict.



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Turkey and pro-regime forces in Syria have exchanged volleys of artillery fire near Aleppo, according to news reports.

The shelling, reportedly initiated by pro-regime forces, marks an alarming escalation in the war in Syria—a development even more ominous given it happened inside a designated ‘de-escalation zone’ meant to wind down violence.