Fethullah Gulen shares blame for Turkey’s plight

Source:the Economist Date:14Aug2020

Finally, a fair view of the damage Gulenists caused Turkey.   The movement is a tough nut to crack. From the 1970s onwards, it attracted hundreds of thousands of followers, drawn mostly from

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This report created a furor in Turkey


The annual UNITED STATES COMMISSION ON INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM created a fury of criticism in Turkey, with pro-AKP daily SABAH reporting:  “Turkey slammed the U.S. 2019 annual

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The Rise and Fall of Turkish Soft Power

Source:MDC Date:17Dec2018

A succint analysis of how Turkey went from the darling of West to bad  boy:   Nonetheless, Turkey’s period of experimentation with soft power was rather short lived, as was its appeal to

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Mueller gives new details on Flynn’s secretive work for Turkey

Source:NBC News Date:05Dec2018

Gods must be against improvement in Turko-American relations: Federal prosecutors said in the court filing, which refers to Gulen, though not by name, that Flynn’s decision not to disclose that

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