Deciphering Russia’s delivery of Tell Rifaat to Turkey

Source:al Monitor Date:31Mar2018

Excellent article by military affairs analyst Mr Metin Gurcan explores the Russia-Turkey relationship in Syria. Russia is likely to  take the Turkish side against PYD-YPG to undermine US plans

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Emboldened Turkey Pushes Deeper Into Syria, but Risks Abound

Source:New York Times Date:24Mar2018

The import of Afrin victory: Yet the fall of Afrin has made it increasingly clear that Turkey and its allies will have to be reckoned with in whatever negotiation might eventually end the

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Turkey, US and Germany: Hopes of better relations are premature

Source:PA Intelligence Date:17Feb2018

Turkish Lira appreciated strongly against the dollar and Euro on Friday, as American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson promised cooperation in Syria with Turkey, while a court released

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Civilians have no place to run as Turkey offensive drags on

Source:Washington Post Date:16Feb2018

Afrin Campaign, presented as a moral war and certain victory in the Turkish press is viewed in an entirely diffrent context by the outside world.   This news item in Washington Post is highly

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