Turkey’s Erdogan Is Losing Support Where He Can Least Afford It

Source:Bloomberg Date:18Dec2021

Tea growers, fishermen, small retailers, café staff and gas-station attendants — some of the typically low-paid, laboring Turks who have formed the backbone of Erdogan’s support over his

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Turkish voters welcome creation of new party by ‘honest’ former AKP heavyweight

Source:Ahval News Date:24Aug2019

Ahval News interviewed oridanary citizens to get a feel whether Ali Babacan and Ahmet Davutoglu could sway the hearts of voters.  The reception is generally positive, but Ahval should have

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Drive to rerun Istanbul election is a risk for Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Source:Financial Times Date:17Apr2019

Some political analysts think senior AKP figures are serious about wanting a new contest. The opposition claims they are buying time while hiding some of the skeletons that have gathered over 25

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Pelican clique undermines Turkey’s ruling party, seeks Istanbul re-vote

Source:Ahval News Date:12Apr2019

A precious expose of the factions within AKP with focus on  one particularly virulent strain, called the Pelicanists.  A must read for those who need to understand the intricacies of Turkish

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Turkey’s so-called survival problem

Source:Ahval News Date:06Mar2019

This is important, because AKP-MHP portray the election as “existential”, rather than focusing on the economy.  A former AKP deputy explains what that means   Turks will elect

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