Amberin Zaman: Erdogan’s dreams of eclipsing Ataturk unfulfilled as Turkish republic turns 100

Source:al Monitor Date:28Oct2023

I lvoed it.  Erdogan has Ataturk envy!   A must read for those  who beleive Turkey is becoming more Islamic!   Yet the results of Erdogan’s attempted counter revolution — the conversion of a

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Intra-Syrian Kurdish tensions rise amid Turkey’s new anti-PKK offensive

Source:al Monitor Date:25Apr2022

Muslim speculated that the raids on the opposition parties in northeast Syria may have been prompted by the latest Turkish onslaught against their brethren next door. “The atmosphere is very

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Orban’s big win in Hungary bears lessons for Turkey’s staid opposition

Source:al Monitor Date:08Apr2022

Eissenstat added, “I think that, in some ways, the economy gives the opposition a better chance in Turkey than it has had in the recent past, despite Erdogan’s many structural advantages.”

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US, Turkey still far off on deal over Russian S-400 missiles

Source:al Monitor Date:10Jun2021

With less than a week left before Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meets with Joe Biden for the first time since he was elected president, rumors are swirling of an impending deal on

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Turkey opens secret channel to fix ties with Israel

Source:al Monitor Date:01Dec2020

“What Turkey can provide at this point, and Israel would want, are Turkish reassurances that Hamas is not using its soil to orchestrate terror activities againt it and the Palestinian

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US to ask Syrian Kurds to let Turkish forces through the door

Source:al Monitor Date:16Apr2019

The United States is pressing its Kurdish allies in Syria to ease their resistance to allowing Turkish forces to deploy on their side of the Turkish-Syrian border, well-informed sources told

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Pentagon warns Turkey against operation targeting Syrian Kurds

Source:al Monitor Date:14Dec2018

This is an excellent article detailing the ambiguities of Turkey’s pre-announced campaign in North East Syria.  Ankara and Washington may have a classic “lost in translation”

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Turkey’s options limited as world awaits Idlib operation

Source:al Monitor Date:05Sep2018

Turkey can ill afford to take in further refugees, who would most likely include jihadis. Yet its options are limited. In its report “Saving Idlib from Destruction,” the ICG observed, “Turkey,

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Understanding the Failed Deal With Turkey That Sparked Trump’s Fury

Source:New York Times Date:08Aug2018

Pressingly, the United States must ensure that Mr. Brunson, other American citizens and the Turkish staff of the United States embassy who are in prison are freed immediately. The longer it holds

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Turkey squeezed as US-Russia tensions rise in Syria

Source:al Monitor Date:12Apr2018

Amberin Zaman highlights the topic on which investors will increasingly focus in the coming days: How will the shift in geo-political tensions from US-China to US-Russia axis affect

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