Asli Aydintasbas: NATO, Gaza, and the future of US-Turkish relations

Source:Council for Foreign Relations Date:07Feb2024

Once the give-and-take is over, the two allies need to sit and talk about the future of Syria and Iraq and the worsening situation in Gaza. Ukraine and the Black Sea are also burning issues, as

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Asli Aydintasbas: Turkey’s opposition has a chance to beat Erdogan. It won’t be easy.

Source:Washington Post Date:12Mar2023

The Editor:  Extremely fair.  Very good assessment of risks for the Nation Alliance opposition   But defeating the president won’t be easy. Erdogan still holds many of the most important

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Can Turkey help end the Ukraine grain crisis?

Source:Financial Times Date:21Jul2022

Chat among Andrew England (FT), Laura Pitel  and Ms Asli Aydintasbas. Excllent review and analysis of Turkish foreign policy and domestic matters. While  I may disagree with some of the

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Opinion: Why Russian negotiators, oligarchs and exiles are flocking to Turkey

Source:Washington Post Date:31Mar2022

At the outset of the war, Ankara’s balancing act between Russia and Ukraine seemed like a risky gambit, with Turkey selling armed drones to Ukraine while trying to preserve its uneasy partnership

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A new Gaza: Turkey’s border policy in northern Syria

Source:European Council on Foreign Relations Date:29May2020

The title doesn’t do justice to this comprehensive account of Turkey’s involvement in Syria, and its real and imaginery reasons. Turkey now controls a long stretch of Syrian territory

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Erdogan faces a choice — and Turkey’s democracy is at stake

Source:Washington Post Date:21Jun2019

As usual, Asli Aydintasbas puts the nail on the head with this insighfull op-ed on  Erdogan’s choices vis-a-vis Istanbul elections and S-400 crisis. Her analysis of Turkey’s future

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From myth to reality: How to understand Turkey’s role in the Western Balkans

Source:European Council on Foreign Relations Date:14Mar2019

For those who care about Turkey’s diplomatic focus:  Turkey and Balkans, a sober assessment     European fears of Turkish expansionism in the Western Balkans have no basis in

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4 takeaways from Turkey’s elections

Source:European Council on Foreign Relations Date:27Jun2018

Despite Erdogan’s win, his ruling party, Justice and Development (AKP), has seen a decline in votes since the November 2015 elections ending at 42.5 percent, thereby making the Turkish president

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Is Erdogan losing his grip on Turkey?

Source:Washington Post Date:13Jun2018

Still, Turkey is not Russia, I always tell my European and American friends. Elections here are flawed, but real. Yes, Erdogan is still very popular and, yes, he controls the media, the judiciary

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Turkey is succumbing to collective insanity

Source:Washington Post Date:24Apr2018

An article that best describes my diagnosis of the fundamental problem of Turkey today: We live in the Matrix world and assail anyone who tells us so.  More than a shaky economy and bad relations

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