Turkish manufacturers squeezed by soaring costs

Source:Financial Times Date:20Nov2021

A great view from the ground, which acutally explains how run-away currency depreciation will trigger a recession..   I humbly think all Turkey forecasts must be thrown into the dust bin at

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The Coming Carnage Between the Taliban and Their Jihadist Rivals

Source:Bloomberg Date:30Aug2021

The Taliban take-over in Afghanistan  could rekindle the jihadist spirit across the globe. In case of Turkey, the fundamnetalist cells at home have only gone to sleep.  New terror acts in Syria

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Turks chase missing billions in foreign exchange reserves

Source:Financial Times Date:22Apr2021

Analysts Atilla Yesilada and Murat Ucer of the consultancy Global Source Partners said it was unlikely the money enriched members of the government or companies close to it, but the loss of the

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Turkey’s ruling party turns to economic ‘tricks’ as polls loom

Source:Financial Times Date:08Feb2019

“Traditional means of doling out the pork are out,” said Atilla Yesilada, an Istanbul-based analyst at the consultancy GlobalSource partners. “Instead we see tricks.” Those tricks have ranged

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Winter is Coming–for Turkey

Source:PA Intelligence Date:31Aug2018

Winter has come to  Turkey, a country where genuine, orthodox and comprehensive reform or policy change is not possible as long Erdogan and AKP hold  the levers of power.    Turkey is facing

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Ankara, Moscow Intensify Diplomatic Efforts as Battle Brews in Syria

Source:Voice of America Date:25Aug2018

And the Idlib question comes to a head:   Syrian government forces are steadily building up their forces around Idlib, with helicopters reportedly dropping leaflets warning of an imminent

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Proposed Legislation Stokes New Crackdown as Emergency Rule Ending in Turkey

Source:Voice of America Date:18Jul2018

Despite the proposed new powers, analyst Atilla Yesilada of Global Source Partners suggests there remains a way for Erdogan to make a conciliatory gesture. “One way to keep the binding provisions

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Erdogan hits Turkey currency storm month before polls

Source:AFP Date:24May2018

“For Turks, a weak currency translates into a weak economy, so it’s difficult to see how this will not hurt Erdogan and the AKP (ruling party) even though their voter base is fairly loyal,” said

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Turkish Currency Hits Record Lows Over Fears of Overheating Economy

Source:VoA Date:11Apr2018

With elections on the horizon, the government is stoking economic growth. The latest figures saw growth running at over 7 percent, making Turkey one of the fastest-growing economies in the

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Farewell, Freedom

Source:PA Intelligence Date:22Mar2018

The story of Aydin Dogan’s   capitulation to Erdogan and  the future of press freedom in Turkey.   Dogan’s flagship daily Hurriyet (Freedom in English), is an iconic name in Turkish

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