Turkey joins top tier in human development, UN says

Source:al Monitor Date:10Dec2019

Investments in health care and economic growth over the past two decades have pushed Turkey into the top tier of the United Nations’ human development league for the first time. But economists

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Polls show opposition candidate ahead as Istanbul rerun nears

Source:al Monitor Date:04Jun2019

Now, a handful of voter polls show Imamoglu of the opposition has broadened his support ahead of the June 23 rerun election, according to news reports. Imamoglu is two points ahead of former AKP

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Have Turkey’s Elections Produced a Challenger to Erdogan? A resume of Ekrem Imamoglu

Source:Foreign Affairs Date:13Apr2019

Ayla Jean Ackley writes the first CV of the  man who delivered CHP its first major victory  in 16 years, mayor-soon-to-be-elect of Istanbul, Mr Ekrem Imamoglu   “Imamoglu doesn’t carry the

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