Turkish Currency Hits Record Lows Over Fears of Overheating Economy

Source:VoA Date:11Apr2018

With elections on the horizon, the government is stoking economic growth. The latest figures saw growth running at over 7 percent, making Turkey one of the fastest-growing economies in the

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Turkey’s Erdogan threatens to cut ties with US over jailing of banker

Source:The Independent Date:06Jan2018

A US court convicted a Turkish banker on Wednesday following a trial that included testimony of corruption by top Turkish officials. In his first public comments on the verdict, Mr Erdogan cast

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Turkish Banker Is Convicted in Plot to Evade Iran Sanctions

Source:New York Times Date:04Jan2018

It is a  dark day for Turkey and its banking system as a jury in NY finds a banker Mr Hakan Atilla guilty of violating Iran sanctions.  The verdict, if  not overturned  on appeal could further

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Defying Erdogan’s calls, Turks rush for dollars

Source:al Monitor Date:31May2017

Never mind the title, this article by veteran economics affairs correspondent Mr. Zulfikar Dogan sheds light on one of the most controversial topics in Turkey at the present time:  What is

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