Turkey’s banks present hurdle for Erdogan recovery

Source:Financial Times Date:11May2018

Turkey is far from out of the woods, though, given its long-running structural imbalance between domestic savings and investment. Hung Tran, executive director of the IIF, estimates that Turkey

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Tens of billions of dollars is likely U.S. gambit in talks over Halkbank

Source:Ahval News Date:20Jan2018

All I can say is a startled WOOOW. You got to read this article and then pray it is just hearsay–for the sake of Turkey.

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The Only Thing Turkey and the U.S. Can Agree On

Source:New York Times Date:12Jan2018

Relations between the United States and Turkey are already strained over issues from Washington’s support for Kurdish fighters in Syria to Turkey’s arrest of American citizens and State

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Banks Hire Lazard to Solve Turkey’s Biggest Default

Source:Bloomberg Date:20Sep2017

The companies have been locked in talks for almost a year after Otas failed to pay a September 2016 installment on the loan, the country’s biggest ever syndicated facility. Otas struggled to make

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