Soner Cagaptay: Will Turkey Help Washington If Russia Invades Ukraine?

Source:Washington Institute Date:28Jan2022

On one hand, Turkey is keen on maintaining the balance of power in the Black Sea littoral. It also opposes Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea, due in part to its sympathies for the indigenous

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U.S. and Russia Are on a Collision Course in the Black Sea

Source:Bloomberg Date:08May2021

I’ve sailed through Turkey’s narrow Bosporus strait at the entrance to this significant body of water half a dozen times, and I’m always struck by its strategic importance. About one third the

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Ankara in risky geopolitical gamble in Black Sea

Source:al Monitor Date:16Apr2021

Ankara seems to believe that the US quest for lasting military presence in the Black Sea region gives it leverage to use the Montreux Convention as a bargaining chip in the transactional

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Turkey and Black Sea Security: Ten Years After the War in Georgia

Source:Atllantic Council Date:09Aug2018

Turkey’s double act between Russia and NATO is warign thin.  Note the line:  Turkey, however, is at best a fellow traveler rather than an ally of Russia.     Erdogan has turned

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Turkey Stalls NATO, Clings to Defunct Status Quo in the Black Sea

Source:Jamestown Foundation Date:03Aug2018

Russia is rapidly accumulating superior power in the Black Sea, and posturing offensively in and around the region. Nevertheless, whenever the matter comes up for debate within the North Atlantic

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Can Russia And Turkey Bury Their Differences?

Source:OilPrice Date:13Aug2017

Since the 19th century, Turkey has balanced Russian power through active Western military support. Now, however, the country, and its leader, seems to view the West as a threat as well. If this

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