The Myth of Authoritarian Competence

Source:the Atlantic Date:25Sep2018

An in-depth study of one-man regimes and how Turkey’s brought economic and democratic ruin:   For nearly six months, one of the world’s top economies has been gripped by crisis,

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‘Gezi generation’ fleeing Turkey

Source:al Monitor Date:22Sep2018

How Turkey’s Islamist and authoritarian polices are draining the country off muhc needed talent and youthful dynamism.   The staggering 42.5% increase in emigration last year stems

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Even as Turkey pulls away, the west must help its people resist


Bravo to award winning novelist Mrs Elif Shafak for these lines:   Every weekend I would gather with friends and family to watch a western. John Wayne spoke fluent Turkish back then,

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Erdoğan files complaint against Kılıçdaroğlu, 72 CHP deputies

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:20Jul2018

State of Emergency is history, but  pressure on the oppostion piles up:   Kılıçdaroğlu had tweeted a cartoon on July 17 depicting Erdoğan as various animals to show support for four

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Muslims, money and democracy in Turkey

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:12Nov2017

AKP managed to expand Turkey’s middle class, as well as bringing in the formerly “disenfranchised” Islamists ot its center. Yet, contrary to accepted wisdom, a prosperous  and

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Talking truth to Turkey

Source:Euractiv Date:10Jun2017

Ludwig Schulz looks at how scientific analysis can help counter President Erdoğan’s fake narrative of Turkey’s thriving democracy and why the European Union should reconsider its policy towards

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Lessons From Turkey’s Slide Toward Dictatorship

Source:Bloomberg Date:24May2017

Turkey’s tragic story of democracy won and lost should the world and other Developing Nations as an example of how precious and fragile it is.

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