Factbox: Greece’s territorial waters and Turkey


A Greek view on  the territorial waters dispute in the Aegean Sea.  Mostly impartial.   Why is Turkey taking issue with Greece’s maritime border expansion? A decision to extend Greek

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Territorial waters dispute heats up between Turkey and Greece

Source:Ahval News Date:26Oct2018

Under the present six-mile delimitation, Greek territorial waters comprise nearly 43.5 percent of the Aegean Sea. For Turkey the percentage is only 7.5 percent. The remaining 49 percent is

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European Commission calls for continuing Turkey-Greece migrant deal

Source:Middle East Monitor Date:10Jun2018

Her remarks came after Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced Thursday that Ankara was suspending its bilateral migrant readmission deal with Greece. The suspension followed Greek

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No Turkish President Had Gone to Greece in 65 Years. So Why Now?

Source:New York Times Date:09Dec2017

“Mr. Erdogan needs a P.R. success story to break Turkey’s diplomatic isolation. He needs a photo opportunity with a country that is a member of NATO and the European Union,” Thanos Dokos, the

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Niceties aside, Greece and Turkey take the gloves off for Erdogan visit

Source:Reuter's Date:07Dec2017

Greece and Turkey squared up to each other over old disputes on Thursday during a state visit by Tayyip Erdogan to Athens, the first such by a Turkish head of state in 65 years and one which

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