Two Turkish soldiers killed as Syrian rebels regain key town

Source:al Jazeera Date:27Feb2020

A much neeeded victory of sorts for the Turkish side, though Kremlin denied the news.   Two Turkish soldiers have been killed and two others wounded in an air strike in Syria’s

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Turkey may close the Bosphorus to Russia warships

Source:Middle East Monitor Date:25Feb2020

Turkey may soon be closing the Bosphorus Straits to Russian warships in order to prevent them from continuing to resupply the Syrian regime’s military, according to the Russian newspaper Novaya

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Turkey hits back after Syrian shells kill Turkish troops

Source:Yahoo News Date:04Feb2020

Defence Minister Hulusi Akar said Turkish forces had hit 54 targets in Idlib in retaliation and “neutralised” 76 Syrian government soldiers, the state-owned Anadolu agency reported.

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